Frequently Asked Questions

What sugar cookie/royal icing recipe do you use?
I posted my recipes and lots of cookie decorating tips in my post, "the basics of sugar cookies and royal icing."

How far in advance can I make the cookies?
I still don't know the perfect answer to this question.  I tend to wait as long as I can to bake the cookies, leaving enough time for them to dry between layers.  If I am using bright colors, especially red and black, I let them dry for at least 12 hours between layers to minimize the chances of color bleeding.  But I plan out how many layers (colors next to colors) I need to do and add up the drying time in my head.  I bake the dough with enough time to cool before I start frosting, and I chill the dough the night before I plan on baking them.  So it really depends on how much drying time you need.  That being said, my typical schedule is usually a 3-4 day process from making the dough to serving the cookies.  If I'm not serving them as soon as they are dry, I put them in an airtight container (with parchment between the cookies) or tie them in a cellophane bag.  The softer and fresher a sugar cookie is, the yummier it i,s in my opinion.  However, you do need to allow ample time for drying so a happy medium is best.  If you are unsure, or new to royal icing, leave more time than you think.  :)

Can I order cookies from you?  
I don't ship cookies at this time.  :(

Where do you buy your cookie decorating supplies?
For an immediate need, I shop at my local cake store (which doesn't help you all), but I also find that craft stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. have a lot of great supplies too.  They sell the americolor food coloring and squeezie bottles that I use.  I prefer to order in bulk from amazon.  You can find links to some of the cookie products I use in our amazon widget on the right sidebar.  They have it all!  I have also ordered from Global Sugar Art.

Can you tell me more about your projector?
I use the kopykake 300k projector for a lot of my cookie and painting projects.  It takes the guesswork and stress out of a lot of projects I do, so yes, I would recommend it to you!

Where do get your Apothecary jars? 
I've gotten a few of them from Michael's, but most I have ordered from  The glass cupcake stands I used were from that website.

Do you sell your cake stands?
No, but lots of people have had success making them using this tutorial.  :)

What is the color of the walls in your daughter's "sunshine bedroom?"
It is Martha Stewart brand (from Home Depot) "hummingbird blue."

Are you interested in sponsors and affiliate programs?
Send your information to and we would be happy to see if your company is a good fit for our blog.


  1. I hope I'll be able to "Pin" your projects on Pinterest one of these days soon... You have lots of great ideas and projects!

    1. Hi Janet! I have never understood why you can't pin some of my images. I have uploaded them all the same, but it seems some of my older images say you can't pin. Well, I think I just figured out why! I'm trying to reload all of those old pictures so they are pinable. I hope it helps and thanks for letting me know!

  2. Where do you buy your clear boxes?

  3. He Heidi! is my best source for clear boxes!

  4. Can you give me the directions for the turquoise punch?

  5. Can you give me the directions for the turquoise punch?

  6. Can you give me the directions for the turquoise punch?

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