About Us

Why We Blog:
We started this blog for two reasons: to document our hobbies/projects and to join in the idea-sharing community.  Our mom was a fun and creative soul.  She taught us so much, but was taken by cancer when we were just starting to have our families. We find ourselves missing her and wishing we could ask her questions about recipes, sewing, projects and other things.  In an effort to share and preserve some of our traditions for our families, we decided to document our creative sides on this little blog.  We also wanted to share ideas.  The Internet is the first place we go when throwing a party, teaching a lesson, making dinner and redecorating our homes.  We love all of your ideas out there in blogland!  It has been really fun to feel like someone out there might actually be benefiting from our ideas too. 

About Kathryn
Stats:  One great husband,  6 of the cutest kids on the planet, 1 wiener dog named Max, graduated from BYU with a degree in nursing, now a retired (for now) RN.
Things that make me happy:  funny things my kids say, popcorn, anything mint chocolate, Moulin Rouge, getting time to scrapbook, projects, being in the middle of a great book, DVR so I don't have to watch commercials, fountain sodas, hubby coming home from work early with dinner in hand, singing in the car with the windows down
Things that make me grumpy:  my messy garage, waking up early, socks that don't have a match at the end of the laundry pile, when the kids don't listen, computer problems

About Ashleigh
Stats:  One great husband, 3 little sidekicks, zero pets (lots of allergies), graduated in elementary education.  Haven’t gotten around to being a teacher, but have been a darn good “room mom.”
Things that make me happy:  Date nights, crossing things off my list, cooking and baking, playing the guitar, seafood, organized drawers, lunching with friends, my iphone, picking up the kids from school and hearing about their day, the food network, blog-surfing, scrapbooking, new music, Sundays, Cadbury mini eggs, and projects!
Things that make me grumpy: Messes, not enough sleep, and messes.

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