Back to School with Microsoft Office 365

Back to School season is approaching.  There is so much to think about as a mom.  NOT ONLY do you have to think about what back to school treat you'll be making (if you're me) but you have to think about their: clothes, shoes, lunches, transportation, sports equipment, backpack, pens, pencils, paper,
AND technology!

Can I just feel old for a sec?  The only thing I did on a computer was insert my floppy disk and play Oregon Trail if I had finished my work early.   I'm not alone though, according to Microsoft's recent survey, 59% of parents used typewriters in school!  My main concern around back to school time was which Trapper Keeper I would choose.  My kids are concerned if we are getting a new laptop!  We really need to stay on top of our game as times change!  It's hard to remember a time without my trusty Microsoft Office Suite.  It is an absolute necessity for the whole family now!  

As my daughter has grown, I've realized we need more computer/tablet availability in the house.  She does a LARGE amount of her homework online.  She prepares presentations, accesses textbooks, submits papers, and works on group projects via THE CLOUD!   I used to worry about bows and sight words.  Now I worry if she has what she needs to prepare for college!

In this new environment, tools like the NEW Office 365 Home Premium will ensure you and your family are completely equipped with Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and more.  Plus- all of your work is stored in the cloud with SkyDrive for easy access and sharing no matter where you are.  There is even a cool "Resume Reading" feature on the new Word that lets you pick up right where you last left off in a document, helping you save precious time! And there are so many ways to stay organized with Outlook.  Office 365 Home Premium is a one year subscription that includes the latest Office applications on up to 5 devices (Mac or PC) plus an additional 20 GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 anywhere minutes with Skype per month.  Nearly all parents (93%) feel that computer software 'like Microsoft office 365' is an important tool in helping their child achieve success in school.  I am already a fan of Microsoft Office and I look forward to starting a year with the new Office 365!

So LET'S DO THIS school year!  I'm sooooo not too old for all of this cool technology!  

Be sure to check out Microsoft Office 365's Back to School Throwback Sweepstakes:
-Sweepstakes to launch on August 15th (on throwback Thursday!) and closes on September 27th
-To enter, all you have to do is submit a “throwback” picture of yourself from back in the day.  Submit your picture here on the Office Facebook page and share it on Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know! (#tbt + #officebts)
-Contestants are entered for a chance to win either a one-year subscription of Office 365 Home Premium (to be given away every weekday) or a Surface Pro (to be given away every Thursday).

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