Anybody else need some cookie therapy*?

Google reader is going away, like tomorrow!
(No more little box with your cute faces on my sidebar saying "join this site")

I looked into a few new ways to follow my favorite blogs and I decided on BLOGLOVIN!  It's really easy to import your reading list from google reader, if that's how you currently read blogs.   I followed these instructions.

If you'd like to follow bee in our bonnet, I'd love for you to join me.
Do you know what was even scarier than google reader going away?  Moving.
I...moved.  I did it.  We relocated our family to a great new town.  It's good news really.  But it has been so hard to leave our family, friends, neighborhood, schools and activities we were in love with.

The blog has been on the back-burner during this big change, but I have lots of great things in store.  I'm even back to cookie making today!  Woohoooo!

So make these changes with me and stay tuned.  Change is good, right?

*(I originally made these cookies when my sister moved two years ago.  Read about my cookie emoticon cookies in my post, HOW I FEEL)


  1. Glad you will be back. I miss your posts.

  2. I wish my days had 48 hours instead of 24 ;-)

  3. Hope your new house turns into a home pronto! I will follow you anywhere and look forward to your future cookies!

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