Easy to make Lily Flower Arrangement

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There's nothing that reminds me of my mom more than beautiful flower arrangements.

My mom was an expert and could name any flower on the spot!  She was an amazing gardener with more planted and potted flowers than I could count!  It was commonplace in our home, to see a vase of fresh cut flowers from her garden.  The entry way, the kitchen table or on my bedside table were places where a beautiful arrangement might often appear.  She also loved visiting our local flower mart and making elaborate arrangements.  She shared her talents freely for weddings and special occasions and commonly gave flowers as gifts.  
I inherited this appreciation for the beauty of fresh flowers.  There is something about having fresh flowers that brightens a room and even my day!  In my humble opinion, they are the classiest home decor there is!  For these reasons, I'm not afraid to treat myself to flowers. There doesn't need to be an occasion, but there almost always is a reason to celebrate or a friend to thank. 
Lilies are one of the most beautiful and versatile flowers there are.   Depending on how they are paired and arranged, they can be traditional or modern.  I trusted my mom to pick my wedding flowers and she was sure to include beautiful lilies.  For more lily ideas go to:  lilies
Recently, I did a little project with lilies as the star of the show!  I got them from my local flower mart, but they are available at florists, garden centers and grocery stores.  


lilies 5


I didn't have a big enough vase to us for all of the flowers and filler I bought, so I grabbed a large (#10) aluminum can and knew I could dress it up somehow.  My fabric scraps saved the day on this one!

#10 can


I remembered this tip about about arranging flowers with a wide-mouthed container.  

#10 can 2


Just use a little scotch tape to stabilize the flowers as you place them. Otherwise the first ones you put in will end up on the edges.  I started with the lilies and put them in the area that I wanted them .#10 can 3


Then I used a few different kinds of fillers and some azaleas from my yard.  (A plant that was in my mom's yard and my dad transplanted to mine.  :)

lilies 1


These oriental lilies were literally amazing!  So big and beautiful!  There were 10 large stems (most with 2 lilies on it) for only $13.00.  

lilies 4


My generic aluminum can had to be covered with something crafty, so I dove into my scrap stash and cut some strips so they would be fit around the can with a little overlap.  

fabric 1


Then I used hot glue to secure each strip at the beginning, a couple dots around and again securing it at the end.

fabric 2


The back didn't look perfect.  But I wasn't going for perfect.  

I was going for the random look on these fabric strips.  

fabric 3


It took all of about 10 minutes to get fun springy container for my lily arrangement.  Not bad!

fabric 4


At this point, only half the lilies had bloomed, but can you imagine it after they were all open!  Lilies can last a good 5-7 days.  Any week with beautiful batch of lilies brightening my home, is a good week indeed!  

lilies 7


I inherited a love for flowers, but unfortunately not the ability to grow them.  So I leave the growing to someone else and buy fresh cut flowers often.  It's not too hard to make beautiful things look pretty, but for more lily arrangement ideas, check out this link, http://bit.ly/YwinIA.  You can also visit this great Pinterest page for ideas  http://pinterest.com/ibulblili… on how to make lily arrangements.


A centerpiece of lilies like this does wonders for me.  And especially around Mother's Day!  Since I can't give my mom flowers, I get them for myself and enjoy them as much as she would have. 

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  1. Those turned out beautifully! I had stargazer lillies at my wedding too! The best was taking a walk through the neighborhoods and hearing mom's running commentary on all of the flowers. "Their azaleas are amazing! Those hydrangeas are really thriving even in partial sun. What variety are those roses? Oh she's coming home right now, I'm going to ask her." Followed by a 30 minute conversation. :)

    1. I feel like I'm right there on that walk. ;) That totally describes a walk with mom. FOR SURE seeing someone she knows and talking forever! Love that comment!

  2. Lilies are my favorite too, and btw- your mom did the flowers for my wedding. :)

    1. Aww Karen. Good times. She adored you so much, I'm sure she insisted on doing your flowers. This made me remember the time we sang at my bro's wedding. Then I laughed really hard. Hahaha. We were such professionals with our extensive voice lessons with Anne Murray songs. Hahaha. I miss you! We need to get together and have a good laugh soon!

  3. Some of the most unusual things make the most beautiful! Your lily arrangement is so perfect! XOXO

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