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This post is not about baking or crafting.

However, this has changed my life, so I must share with the bloggy world.

I sat down at my computer this morning and began editing photos.  As usual, I was agonizing over picking a font.  I'm just the average girl who sees "fonts I love" on pinterest and downloads them all.  Sometimes having a lot of options is a bad thing.  I take forever choosing fonts!
Changing font preview 1

Since I can't get a feel for how the font will look by these tiny previews, I just highlight and try them all.  Not all, but a lot.    Like the "Doris Day" font below.  How am I supposed to know if I want to try that font?  I try many of them, and other font candidates I skip all together because I just don't know what they look like.  Well, turns out Doris Day is a darling font (see whaaa? in the picture below).

changing font preview 2

I don't know why I haven't fixed this problem until now.  I didn't even google it.  I just looked around in photoshop for one minute and found the remedy to my subconscious font irritations.

Go to
changing font preview 3

This window popped up.
The font preview size was at medium.  There are several options, but I changed it to "extra large."
changing font preview 4

It's a MIRACLE!   I can see!  I can see!  My eyes aren't aging after all!  Well, maybe they are.

But this small change has made my font selection process MUCH faster.  I don't have to try them all because I get a better feel if it's what I'm looking for from the larger preview.
changing font preview

To smart people, this post must seem ridiculously elementary.
And to non-bloggers, this post is snooze-worthy.

But I thought it might help/change your life if you are like me...
A non-techy person trying to get by in photoshop so you can share your projects!

If this helps one person, I am satisfied with my day.  Have a good one!


  1. Be satisfied, then. I live and breathe Photoshop, and had never seen this either. Thanks!

  2. Ashleigh will you do a post sharing some of your favorite fonts. I'm always on the look out for a good font. Thanks for the tip, someday I might actually get around to getting photoshop.

  3. I agree with Kalleen. I would love to see a post about some of your favourite fonts. I also don't have photoshop, but it's a great tip if I ever do get it.

  4. @kalleen and my five munchkins- I'll work on putting that list together!

  5. THANK YOU sooo much!!!! I used to have them large and all of a sudden bam no longer but didnt even know where to look :) For non MAC users like me..instead of PHOTOSHOP first its under EDIT then PREFERENCES (you might have to scroll down if you dont see it right away) then TYPE :)

    1. Thanks so much for the tip! I sometimes forget there are differences in the Mac/PC menus!

  6. You are my new BFF! I was just wondering if this was possible the other day! I have PhotoShop Elements for PC. I too had to look under the Edit then Preferences as stated above but it looked the same from there on out. Funny how a simple tip can save someone SO much time and energy!

    1. I'm glad to hear it works in elements too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my goodness- I've been using Photoshop forever and it never occurred to me to try to change the font size. Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this...the iddy biddy size was bothering me too...I just never thought to change it...but now I CAN SEE!!! Woot! Love your cute little blog. I told my readers about you on FB today...hoping they'll pop by for a snoop around. Keep blogging!
    P.S. If you ever want to guest post for me on little things like this I'd love to share your words! Toodles!

  9. P.P.S. Your grab a button code isn't showing up in your

  10. Great tip Ashleigh! So much nicer to be able to see what I'm selecting. Love your Blog.

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