White Plum Boutique Giveaway

Now that I have gotten over the hurdle of family pictures on the blog, I have another confession...

I have a fleece sweatshirt that I wear. A lot. Ashleigh calls it my "uniform." Even though I will be probably be wearing that fleece until it is threadbare, I may need some other tricks up my sleeve.

Which brings me to introduce you to our new sponsor, White Plum Boutique.

White Plum Boutique is an Online Jewelry Boutique with a Facebook Auction page. The products are designer inspired for less; think Anthropologie meets Forever 21. They specialize in on-trend fashion jewelry for the modern recessionista. Price points are 30%-70% less than retail boutiques and all of the Facebook Auction stuff is free shipping. Each of the pieces are carefully selected; jewelry, infinity scarves, and even some children’s accessories etc.

Are you drooling yet? Here is how it works....

White Plum Boutique says, We have TWO Parts to our business:

1. Weekly Bonus Buys Facebook Auctions
a. Sporadically we “auction” a few of our newest items and Swag Bags on our
Facebook Page. Usually jewelry and accessories for women and children.
First come, first sold.

b. Buying is simple. You see a product you like, just write “SOLD” and leave
your email address. We’ll send you an invoice within 24 hours. If you
don’t want your email address public, and you want to speed up the buying
process, you can register with us.

2. White Plum Boutique Website
Our website is where our best-selling items are located.

I visited Hilary from White Plum Boutique and she helped this self proclaimed fleece lover add some sass and sparkle to my life. I was not too ashamed to ask, "What kind of neckline should I wear this with?" and "I adore this necklace so much, can I buy a shirt to go with it," and "Can I really pull off this awesome bracelet?" Hilary is the perfect combination of down to earth kindness and great taste awesomeness so I totally trust her judgement.

The intervention was a success because Ashleigh visited me last Friday and I was wearing a necklace....On a Friday.

She almost didn't recognize me.

So if you need some amazing accessories in your life, here are the details.

You can win this beautiful "swag bag" of beautiful jewelry valued at $150.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And please visit whiteplumoutique.com and enter the promo code: BEEINOURBONNET through January 12th to get 15% off your entire order!

You are probably all much more hip than I am and you already know what neckline to wear that fabulous purple necklace with. But just in case....


  1. Beautiful jewelry and the models showing them off, XOXO

  2. OOH! I love the jewelery! I would wear those outfits everyday!

  3. https://www.facebook.com/michele.pineda.5/posts/117817341725691 no place to leave it above, but I shared on FB

    1. Thanks Michele! I think the graphic to enter the giveaway doesn't show up through reader. I did make an entry for you under my name but "we" didn't win. ;( Thanks for sharing on FB and for coming to our blog and White Plum Boutique. Have a great day!


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