Bundle of Joy Baby Shower

I'm really cold.  

I'm that kind of girl, that Jimmy Kimmel talks about.  

The girl from California who is miserably cold when it gets into the low 50's outside.  I spend a good portion of my winter snuggled up by my space heater (which Kathryn refers to as my "heat rock").

So when brainstorming a baby shower theme, the first thing that came to mind is... 
Baby...it's cold outside.

My friends split the shower duties and put on a darling winter themed baby shower.  
The hostess decorated with winter logs, baby mittens, scarves, baby sleepers and cute chalkboards that said, "bundle of joy" and "baby, it's cold outside."  

Another friend did an UH-MAZING hot chocolate bar with more yummy flavor combinations than my brain could process.  Other friends contributed a dessert bar, a cute invitation and a fun game.  I don't have pictures of it all, but I thought I'd mention these details in case any of you wanted to recreate this theme.

I did the favors and I couldn't help but resort to my old tricks.  

I posted step by step instructions on how to make mitten cookies here.
I was excited about the addition of these little hats too.  (I love it when I use a cutter I bought years ago for no reason).  Just follow the same techniques as the mittens!

I made these cookies while I was sitting by my space heater, with Jimmy Kimmel on in the background.  He was making fun of the LA weather reports complaining of a "cold spell" (aka 50 degree weather).  I could help but laugh out loud that I too am a cold weather wimp!

Would Jimmy laugh at the women who planned a cold/winter themed shower as they suffer through the 40 degree temps?  Ya, he would.  But at least it made for a great party and some cute cookies!


  1. I am a wimp about the cold and I live in Maine. I love the theme of the shower and of course I love your cookies.

  2. super cute, and it is minus 25 here some days, that is canada for you, I am always the one to complain when I am too hot.

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