Owl Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween to all of our readers. I, for one, have already eaten a year supply of banana laffy taffys. Where that obsession came from I have no idea but I'm pretty sure it means I am missing some vital mineral from my diet. What other explanation could there be?

My original plan for this girlie's costume fell through so at nearly the last minute I had to find a costume idea. I scoured the garage for anything useable. It's like a treasure hunt slash haunted house out there. Scary! I found this oldie but goodie remnant of a Big Bird costume that our mom had made for Ashleigh.

Big Bird is somehow a political hot button and she's seven (so over Sesame Street) but the wheels started turning and we made the costume in to an cute and girlie owl.

Are owls yellow? Don't answer that.

My inspiration for the cape came from technology and tutus and I adapted the cute owl mask template from sew craft create.

All of the supplies came from my fabric stash. Which means the grand total cost of this project was zero point zero dollars. That has pretty much never happened to me. I feel like my hubby should give me an award.

And just because I am still a big sister and own this gem of a picture doesn't mean I don't actually copy everything Ashleigh does and idolize her in every way. Happy Halloween circa 1982-ish. (It's not an instragram people, pictures just used to look like that)

Have a lovely and safe Halloween!

Royal Icing Eyeballs

It is important to keep royal icing eyeballs on hand.  
That is, of course if you are a cookie/candy/cupcake maker.  

I posted my eyeball post on somewhat simple last year and I'm sharing it here today!  (Yes, I'm almost 4 years into blogging and just now getting that you should repost your original content on your own site after you guest post.  I'm a little slow with this stuff.)

It is so fast and fun to mass produce these little candies made from royal icing.

You will just need 2 colors of royal icing.  For the recipe and other tips, 

In order for the eyes to end up flat, we are going to do the "wet on wet" technique.
This means that as soon as you put a dot of white (or a couple), you put a dot of black right on top, before it dries at all.  The key is to have the right consistency of icing.  I used about a 7 second icing for these. For clarification on that, see post mentioned above.  If you wait for the white to dry, you will have more 3D looking eyes.

You can make different style eyes by taking a toothpick and dragging the icing out a little.  
Then put the black dot on.  All of your eyes will need to dry a full 24 hours before they pop right off your parchment paper.  Then you can just stash them in a zip-loc bag until you need them.

And when will you need these, you say?  For your monster cookies, silly!
I have a little Frankenstein cookie cutter and made some simple monsters.
It is extra easy when your eyes are already made.  
After I frosted the green, I just dropped two eyes in the wet frosting.  
If you want to wait until it dries, you can adhere your dry eyes with a dot of fresh icing.

But even without that cutter, you can just cut rectangles our of your dough with a knife and make a similar monster.  I just couldn't decide if I wanted a nice or mean monster.  I think I prefer the friendly unibrow, smiley one, but you can decide how you like your Halloween monsters!

I have room mom stuff on the brain, so I'm thinking of REALLY simple cookies to make with kids.
Even a simple square can be a monster by placing eyes and a mouth on them.  You can come to class with the base layer frosted, then let the kids put the eyes and mouth on.  Then they can eat up!

I also did some random blob-ish monsters that were so fun to make!  
Just do some blobs of icing, and place some eyes on.  They turn out so cute.

Then my kids had the idea that they wanted the monsters to be saying something.  So, they had fun with some edible ink pens (americolor brand).

Your eyeballs will come in handy when doing tons of Halloween/monster treats.  
Decorate a brownie, or cupcake with these little eyes and your kids will have a blast.

I'm sure a lot of you out there are doing some Halloween baking this weekend!  Good luck!
I'm wishing you successful eyeballs, monsters, witches and pumpkin treats!

Haunted Treats

Today, I'm sharing a little party favor/kiddie treat bag idea.  I shared this idea a few weeks ago on eighteen25.  You must check out all of this year's spooktacular ideas on their site!

If you're new to this kind of thing, you can access my recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing in this post.  If you've been thinking about trying royal icing, but haven't taken the plunge, this is a great "starter" project!   But let me warn you that frosting cookies can become addictive.  It starts with a baby ghost and ends in late nights, bags under your eyes and rockin' cookies for your kids' class.  
Kidding!  Kinda!

After you've read up on the basics, you're ready!  But when I'm cooking mini's, I decrease the cook time.  These only took 4 minutes to cook.  Your oven, bakeware and pan liners will effect the rate they cook, but in general, plan on a bit more than half as much time.

I frosted my little ghosts by outlining with a thicker consistency frosting and filling with a thinner consistency that flattens right out.  My basics post explains all of this, but with these little babies, it will be pretty simple.  They will need to dry for several hours before you put eyes on them.  So walk away for a bit.  It will be hard to tear yourself away, but it can be done.  Haha.  

I used this little mini wilton cutter set.  For the pac-man style ghost, I used the gravestone and the moon for the bottom.  I just like to have options with my ghost cookies, what can I say?

The eyes are so easy if you have edible ink pens.  I use wilton and americolor brands.  They are available at most craft stores and online.  If you don't have those, then just tint some of your frosting black and pipe it right on.

These cute little ghosts are fun, but we gotta step up our presentation!  
Do you remember vellum?  Remember 5 years ago when every wedding invitation had this fancy layer of printed vellum?  Well, go break into your paper crafting stash, because were making treat bags out of it!  You can dowload the "haunted treats" printable here and just send it through your printer.  

Straight from the printer, fold it in half, make some guides, sew down the sides, put your cookies in and sew up the top.  I trimmed the top with pinking shears.  I actually tried this with parchment paper and it worked like a charm.  It would be cheaper than buying vellum, but you have to trim it down to the right size before sending it through the printer.  So the vellum will just make you life easier.

This creates the look of a truly "haunted house" with ghosts lurking inside!  The kids can just tear through the bottom to access their haunted treats!  My kids were pretty excited about these, so I hope you try them with your kids!  

Oh!  And btw, if you can't find the mini ghost cutter, almost every halloween cutter set includes a regular sized ghost.  These treat bags can be cute with one big ghost too!

Jack-O-Lantern in a Jar

Hey guys!  I'm bringing you a little deja vu today!  :)  This was my guest post for LAST YEAR'S spooktacular over at eighteen25!  I'm reposting here today!  This project has been a hit for many of you and I've gotten so many nice emails and comments about people who tried it and had fun with their kids!  I appreciate those encouraging emails SO MUCH!  
For any of you new to this idea, here are the details:

It's a little cookie project/gift just in time for Halloween.  I call it: JACK-O-LANTERN IN A JAR!

I'd like to thank my inspiration for this project: Mr. Potato Head and his bucket of parts.  
It's kind of like an edible, Halloween version of it all.
Just look at the cookie goodness that is happening when you open up this jar!
For my cookie recipe and instructions on royal icing, please refer to THIS POST.  
Or, you can use any basic sugar cookie recipe.  

I don't have any specific cookie cutters for these.  I just used a good old knife.  Hey, if we can carve out a super thick pumpkin, we can certainly carve out some sugar cookie dough the same way!

I like to put my royal icing in squeezie bottles.  You can use bags and tips, but I find these a little easier and super kid-friendly, by the way.  So once I mix up some Halloween-ish colors and I'm ready to go.

As I mentioned, this is so easy for kids!  I don't know what the kids will love more: making these, or playing with them later?!  But with a little instruction, kids can easily ice with a solid color.

If you get involved though, the jack-o-lantern parts may get a little bit more detailed!  :)

Let these pumpkin parts dry for at least 12 hours.  Then grab some orange paper plates (dessert size) and encourage your kids to PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD!   They can make all sorts of pumpkin and monster faces.  Then when they're bored with that, they can eat their little snack!

I thought it was cute to add a few patterned paper scraps to my paper plates for the "stem."

So now you have a simple, yummy and darling treat!
You can make a traditional jack-o-lantern and cut each piece out, custom deluxe.  

You can also add in a few basic shape cookie cutters like circles and ovals.

These eyes were made with a heart cookie cutter, cut in half before baking.

You can make these for your own kids to eat, but I thought it would make a really fun gift when packaged up in a jar!  Make sure they have dried for a full 24 hours before you pile them in a jar.

I spray painted the lid of the jar orange, and added a tag and ribbon.  It would be really nice if you gave them a little stack of paper plates too.  You can enjoy the fun of making it, and then let someone else enjoy the fun of creating their own little jack-o-lantern snack!  Wouldn't it be fun to "spook" someone and leave this as an anonymous gift on their porch?  Yep, I'm doin' it! 

I hope all of your Halloween baking, sewing and crafting is in full force!  
It is at my house today!  

Sprucing up the Bathroom

This weeks project called for sprucing up a bathroom used by my girls ages 7,9 and 17 and also everyone that swims at my house. I was going for girly but normal. Is that an actual style?

This is the Carson frame from Poppy Seed Projects which fits an 11X14 picture. I painted one of my favorite sayings "Be your own kind of beautiful." I want my girls to know that they are most beautiful when they let their genuine selves shine.

To make the artwork for the big Carson frame I typed and printed the words which you can download here and found a graphic flower that I liked. I was kicking it old school here and rubbed the back of the paper with the side of a pencil lead. I then placed it where I wanted the words and traced the letters. The lead on the back will transfer slightly.

Then I painted the words "Own" and "Beautiful." with acrylic paint and a small paintbrush. The other words I outlined with a Sharpie. I'm sure all of you graphic designer and/or artist types are dying of embarrassment right now but since I am neither, that's what had to be done. To make the polka dots I used the oldie but goodie method of dipping my paint in the back end of my foam brush.

I wanted to tie in these stunning frames to the other wall of the bathroom, but as a mother of 6, I am all about functionality of my decor. I found these darling crown hooks that I thought would be great for towels. But the crown hooks were lonely so I framed them with the Eleanor frame with a 5X7 opening. Now the crowns feel as regal as they are.

Let's just hope these crown hooks and cute frames make my little princesses want to hang up their royal towels.

Eagle Scout Cookies

On my honor, I will do my best....

I'll spare you the rest of the scout oath.  But I thought It was appropriate to give the boy scout program a "shout out" as I share these cookies with you!

I've been to my share of boy scout courts of honor in my day.  With my brothers through the years, and nowadays with my husband who is a scout leader.  I think the boy scout program gives boys wonderful experiences and valuable life skills!  And I'm always impressed and proud of any teenage boy who puts in the hard work to earn their Eagle Scout Award.  I recently made these cookies for one such "stellar" teenager!


I used my fleur de lis cutter for the basic shape, then used my kopykake projector to frost the eagles!  For more information/recipes on sugar cookies, click over to this post

And we also have a winner to the Beads-n-Time giveaway...Erika!
Email us at beeinourbonnet@yahoo.com to claim your beautiful new watch!

We also have a winner of our $100 Gift Certificate to Chuck E. Cheese's
(chosen by blogHer)!  They will be contacted soon!

Congratulations to the Eagle Scout and our giveaways winners!

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