Yep, we went.

And yep, I made a cookie of it.

Because when I see a cute logo, it almost begs me to make a cookie of it.  (Branding by Lara)
And because we put a little sticker on the back and let these act as our "business cards."
This was a last minute decision as we didn't order REAL business cards.  Conference rookies!

But the SNAP peeps seemed to forgive our unconventional business card.
Mandi and Becca did a mini-freak-out, which I do enjoy...probably because I had just freaked out about meeting them.  They are so fun, and made the perfect greeters!  

Yes, I was not afraid to tell the rock-star bloggers that I was a fan of theirs.  Do they get tired of hearing it?  I don't know.  But I figured, if they have influenced me, entertained me or inspired me with their blog, I was going to tell them!  I was happy to tell this to some of the fabulous ladies I met:  Ana, Elizabeth, Char, Amy, Stephanie, Jen, Tauni, Tam, Shelley, the Crafting Chicks, Destiny, Kami, Lindsey, Kendra, Jessica, Cheri, Kristen, the eighteen25 girls, Lorie, Kristen and Becky.

We also got aquatinted with lots of new friends whose blogs are a fresh and welcome discovery!  Yay!  New blog-love!  I'll be adding to my blog list soon!

So, it's pretty lame that I lugged around my huge camera all weekend and only took a few phone pics of the whole gig!  I finally got out my DSLR when we visited the tulip festival.  Thanksgiving point and Utah in general is just sooooo beautiful.  I love the mountains!

Our trip was crazy busy as I tried to squeeze in a little cookie segment on Studio 5 (to impress my kids and cross one off my bucket list), visited our brand new niece (no pictures- did I mention I was lame), went to my brother's graduation and other family stuff.

I was pretty pleased to take home this fancy bag of swag, a beautiful necklace from Amy Cornwell, and a whole new batch of inspiration pertaining to my creativity, my home, my blog, my relationships, my family, my job, and my priorities.

And a big thank-you to Kathryn for coming with me and doing most of the driving.  :)
It wouldn't have been fabulous without you!

School Cookies

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 7-11!

Our kids' teachers need to be thanked and what better way than with a cookie?

I'm excited to be demonstrating some simple techniques for school cookies on KSL, Studio 5 today!
(If you're here for the first time, welcome!!!!  For my sugar cookie and royal icing recipe, click here).
I'm demonstrating some cookies I've done before as I teach the basics of royal icing.

We are making apple cookies:

And ruler cookies:

I hope you'll give these a try!   And if you do, you are welcome to download the tags I made!
"An apple for the {best} teacher"

"You Rule"- pencil box size

"You Rule"- small tag size

I really love these cardboard pencil boxes that you can just glue a message on.  I've bought them at Michael's and ordered them online at Nasco.

You can make all sorts of school cookies for your pencil box.


Or you can fill it with just crayons!

It's fun to personalize the cover of these pencil boxes with Teachers' and kids' names, but if you'd like a generic "Thank-you for being such a great Teacher" box cover, you can download that too!

End of the year teacher gifts are around the corner too!  And those teachers deserve a cookie or two or twenty!!!  Every time I help in the classroom, I have a new respect for the energy and patience it takes to run those classrooms!  So let's make them some cookies!  :)

Repurposed Cubby Shelf- For Jedi and Friends

I broke down and did a star wars themed bedroom for my son, because that is what he loves.
I already showed you the "guys on his wall."
And now... for the "guys on his shelf!"

There is a little nook when you walk in his room and these shelves worked perfectly there.  And we really needed a place for all of his "guys."  It's all he's asked for, for the past two birthdays, Christmases, Easters, and everything in between.

Do you recognize where they came from?
Remember my cubby shelves that I made as a Pottery Barn Knock Off?
(Click the link for full instructions on how to build it).
They first served as a "12 days of Christmas" gift shelf.
12 days of christmas shelf copy

But after Christmas, I unloaded the shelf and set it on the floor upstairs until I decided where it would go.  My little guy would bring his guys to it and arrange them in the little cubbies.  I resisted for a while.  I wanted it to go in the bathroom.  But finally I realized it was the perfect little hobby shelf for him.  But the problem was that I didn't think one would look right on that wall.  I knew two would fill up that wall in his room better.  Well, I did make two at the time...but I gave the other one as a gift to my sister.  I couldn't ask for it back.  That's so rude!  But, as soon as I told her the scenario, she offered the shelf back before I even got the the part where two would look better!

Kathryn agreed the shelf was called for a higher purpose.
To be home to the force....
(what a great sister, right?)

So I cut off the tops of the shelf because I thought it would look more like metal without the rounded edges,  and I spray-painted it with rustoleum metalic paint.  Then I added these label holders.  I got them at JoAnn's in the scrapbook section.  But instead of adhering them with brads into paper, I used nails.  They come in a multi pack and only four of the narrow ones worked, so I got several packs.

I had told my son I was painting the shelves for his guys and he couldn't wait for the paint to dry.  I hadn't told him about the label holders though, and I put them on while he was in bed.

He found his shelf in the morning and played...
He woke me up...yes he wakes up before me :/... and said, "MOM!  I know why you put those things on my shelf!!! Come here, I'll show you!"

So I went downstairs and saw this:

He said, "It's so my guys can climb up and down the shelves, huh!!!"

I told him he was so right.  ;)  And also, it was so we could write the names of the guys and remember where to put them.  This led to the decision making process on how to organize them.  By movie?  By name?  By good guys and bad guys?  He changed his mind a lot.  But he decided on this arrangement.

We can easily change the papers in the label holders though, as things get rearranged, or if he gets more guys {cringe-it's all he wants} and has to group them differently.

For now, the little guys are together on the bottom, the squinkies and fighter pods are on the top.
These things are important to him.

And let me tell you, these are not on the shelf just to be displayed.  They are PLAYED WITH!  As evidenced by Anakin's missing head and Obi-Wan's missing hands.  He can reach all but the very top shelf and gets a stool to reach it.

I still find these things all over the house, but at least they have a home for the days moments when things are clean.  Haha!

Although I miss my little decorative shelves, I'm so glad they are being used so well!  There is a 5 year old boy who is really happy I built these for "crafting with the stars" a couple of years ago!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  It was so great to share a wonderful Easter dinner with Kathryn and her family today.  My husband made an incredible meal, the cousins have been having a great time playing, and my sis and I have been catching up on our laughing quotas!

The "chicky snacks" tradition is alive and well this year.  What would Easter be without these darling cake pops (and cake balls)?  This year I tried something new.  Instead of picking out the yellow and orange mini chips for the wings and nose, I made them with royal icing instead.  And I also used royal icing for the feet instead of flower sprinkles.  It involved one less trip to the cake store.  :)

I'm a little obsessed with these egg dishes and I've been collecting them the past few years.  I thought they would be fun at the place setting instead of salad plates.  Why not give your guests some treats to nibble on before during and after their meal?  I also thought these egg dishes would be perfect as an appetizer sampler plate.  They could easily hold a stuffed mushroom, BLT bite, stuffed jalapeno, a deviled egg and cheeses.  So that's my plan for next year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Just Copy the Invitation!

We had a little "Great to be 8" for the kids at church.  I was feeling totally uninspired, and rushed but couldn't flake on my promise to bring sugar cookies.

So when I couldn't think of a fabulous cookie design, I resorted to putting this invitation that I made, right into my kopykake projector.  Easy and done.

I can't say it's the first time.  Sometimes invitations for showers and parties are so great that the cookie just begs to match the design.  This time it was out of laziness.  But other times...
it is the perfect plan!

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