Think Ink- Guest Post

I'm guest posting over on somewhat simple today!

For all of you who have told me "I don't have a steady enough hand to pipe out detailed cookies" or
"I'd rather scratch my eyes out than spend 30 minutes decorating something my kids were about to eat..."

Well, this post is for you!  You are going to have to ice a base layer first.  But after that, you will only need your stamping and spray painting skills.  No piping detail here...

Go take a look!

Valentine Cookies

Here's a look inside the cookie jar.

There's lots you can do with just pink, red and white frosting.

For the sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe, refer to this post.

I outlined and immediately filled for nice clean frosting edges.

I think my favorite one was my sassiest cookie yet.  I'm really walking on the wild side with this one.
This cookie is "sealed with a kiss."

I used my trusty alphabet cutter set to make hugs and kisses.

I used "wet on wet" techniques for a flat cookie.

And some were done with a "wet on dry" technique which results in a dimensional/textured cookie.

I made these little lace darlings without a projector.  {Cue applause}

These were just simple scalloped edge hearts and I attempted to make them look like they had a lace edge.  You might have to look close...

After the red was dry, I made a white edge.  After that was dry, I put a little more icing on and used my paint brush for a little "brush embroidery" style edge.  This one is only done on one side.
Can you tell the difference?

And I also made some big cookies (that weren't made to fit in the jar).
But I do love a basic rectangle cookie that is open to all possibilities.
I busted out my projector for this little phrase.
IMG_9929 copy

And then I broke down and tinted some icing a really light turquoise.

So we will end on that sentimental note:  Love is... going out on a limb.
How do you like my cookie equivalent to a greeting card?
Hallmark, if you need me to write for you, let me know.  hehehe.

Linking up to The Girl Creative!

Valentine in a Jar

Jars are meant for cookies.

Cookies are meant for jars.

Ahhhhh the beauty of a "cookie Jar."

I had wayyyy too much fun putting my jack-o-lantern cookies in a jar.

Then some of my genius cookie friends blew my mind with their "parts of parts" cookies.

Munchkin Munchies made an adorable Thanksgiving treat with her "Turkey Cookie in a Jar."
You have to see it assembled.  Cutest turkey I ever did see!

turkey in a jar

I'm pretty sure kids would love this as much as building a real snowman! 
Meaghan is so rad, she has a Sugarlicious book coming out.  I can't wait!

Then I saw these Mr. Potato Head cookies from Oh, Sugar! Events.  
This little toy was what got my brain thinking about this stuff, then Angela went and made it!
Perfectly executed, wouldn't you say!!!  I think these would be the BEST at a Toy Story party!
potato head

I can't tell you how happy I was to see each of these ideas because that IS the beauty of blogland!  Sharing ideas and creativity is so rewarding.  I am constantly inspired by these and other cookie ladies so I felt, for a second that I was "giving back to the cookie universe."  Oh man, that was dramatic.  But I really am in love with all of these cookies, and their jars.  

So I now I have all of these Holiday cookie ideas in my head.  But Valentine's really stumped me.
I thought of cupid...  But I just couldn't bring myself to make parts of a little cherub.  I knew it would involve a bare bootie cookie and I just didn't go there.  So although these aren't cookies to be assembled, I still dig the way my Valentine cookies look in a jar.

There are valentines, lace, hugs and kisses (xoxo), roses and love notes all bottled up!

And I love to top it off with a spray painted lid, great ribbon and a tag!

A tag which you can download here if you are doing this project.

And also!  My friends at eighteen25 posted an adorable tag today that could also be used for your cookies in a jar.

So make those cookies and buy those jars guys!  (I got mine at Target).  If you're doing jar cookies, or "parts" cookies, I'd love to see them!  Send me an email or comment.  Keep it alive cookie makers!!!

Pretty soon we'll be doing Make-your-own-Leprechaun and Build-a-Bunny cookies!
Won't you join me?

Love It!

I know there's some who don't love the day, but I dig it.  An excuse to go on a nice date, get flowers (hint hint), make crafts with my kids and make heart shaped treats?  Hello!  Looking back on the Valentine projects we've shared on the blog, they are indeed some of my very favorites.

Some of my favorite cake pops in a simple dollar store dish.

An excuse to use sticky foam hearts on a parfait?  I'm there!

And some of my favorite cookies ever!  I just saw these little mailboxes in the dollar aisle again.  They get scooped up fast, so I better go stock up.

My son's Valentine's last year were also a cookie.  Shocker, right?

And these are so simple, but still on the list of my favorites.

I shared my favorite strawberry frosting.

Made some silly chocolate suckers.

Adorned some simple chocolate strawberries with hearts.

And I shared one of my hub's all time favorite desserts.

Kathryn is always on top of her game with her kids and their Valentines.
I wouldn't be surprised if she's got this year's ready to go.

And I just LOVE these rice krispy treat kisses she shared.

There's a lot to love around this time of year.  Treats and people and blogs alike!

What are you loving?  I would love to feature some of your Valentine treats and projects!

Getting Sidetracked

I got sidetracked...

You see, I was going through my heart cutters because you know the day of LOVE is coming up...

And you know I've been making cookies... because it's a habit I just don't care to break.

But after those cookies were baked, I started in on another project.
Because everyone knows its better to have 10 half-way done projects than tons of completed projects!

The girls and I used a cookie cutter to trace lots of felt hearts.

Then I sewed one little line down the middle to create a little banner.
I hung it up with my "I love you" banner I made out of chipboard last year.

It's kind of a fun getting sidetracked.

But now I have some cookies to frost.

I'm pretty sure I was getting sidetracked from the laundry when I started the cookies.  
And so it goes with a bee in my bonnet.  

Matchbook Thank-you

I basically love anything in a matchbook... except matches.

Matchbooks are perfect little paper crafts that can hold treats, cute notes, IOU's/coupons, money, etc.
I can't remember where I first saw them, but I'll give credit to my many years of reading paper craft magazines, craft blog stalking, and watching Martha.  Yes, I'm sure it's time well spent, because I remember how to make matchbooks.  Check out these adorable "save the date" matchbooks or these personalized favors.

I found that 3" by 6" pieces of paper were a good size for this.  Then you can get 8 out of one piece of cute patterned paper.  I found this cute American Crafts, double-sided paper in my stash when I cleaned out my craft room.  It's amazing the goodness you find when you clean.  :)

I'm a firm believer in folding with a bone folder.  Clean folds every time!
I know I learned that one from my Martha!

Then I stapled at the bottom and used a glue dot to stick on a little treat.

Next I stapled the message on the front.

Then I glued the saying on the inside and it covered the back of the staple.
If you'd like to print out a sheet of "We mint to tell you Thanks!" in this cute font,
I saved my document and you can upload it here.

I made these as a little thank-you for the substitute teachers at church.  It's a small little thanks, but I think the little treat inside makes it fun to receive!

After I made these, my daughter said she wanted to make some for her Valentines.
Then my other daughter said she did too.
Then the first one said, "I called it first!"
And then I said, "guys, guys, there are plenty of matchbook ideas for EVERYONE!"  With cute Valentine sayings like, "I think we're a 'match'" and "I'd love to 'strike' up a conversation," we have no need to fret.  Yes, I solved that quarrel like mother of the year.  Haha!

Because the matchbook possibilities are endless!
(Stay tuned for the Valentine matchbook)

Santa Painting

Okay, I promise to stop posting about Christmas (2011) after this.

This little guy was one of my favorite projects of the season.  I saw one (in gray) in a pottery barn catalog a long time ago and wanted one in red.  So I put my cookie tools to use again to paint this guy.  I found the image by searching "santa pop art," then put it in my kopykake projector.  I used the color, "santa red" in acrylic paint and just painted away.

I got it done in the time that my husband watched a movie.  But in the morning I didn't like how I could see all the brush strokes so I went over it with a second coat.  If you look close, it's still not perfect, but I think the overall look is festive!

I put it above my painted buffet and quite enjoyed seeing his jolly face!

This isn't the first time my projector has helped me decorate my home!
Star Wars paintings
Painting of my daughter 
I just love the thing!!!!  And I'm so glad I got around to this project this year.

Now if I could only get around to making new stockings and perfecting the art of the crockenbouche.
There's always next year!

Mitten Cookies

I showed you how perfectly these worked in my cozy bliss basket and I wanted to share more detailed instructions on how to make the cookies.

I used a mitten cutter and my favorite recipe for cookies and royal icing.

You will need to make up two consistencies of red royal icing.  A thick (15-ish second) icing to flood and a thin (7-ish second) to fill.  Don't forget to pop any visible bubbles too.

While it's still wet, (like right away) make white horizontal stripes with a thin (7-ish second) white icing (with a #2 tip on it).  Then I drag my toothpick through, going up, then down.

The closer together you make your white lines and the closer together you marble your vertical lines, it will make it look like a "tighter knit."  These have a different look with the wider lines.

I prefer the "tighter knit" look.  Wait... I'm not sure why I'm using knitting comparisons considering I know nothing about that topic.  That's Kathryn's department.  Back to cookies.

After the top part has dried for a good half day, use a medium (10 second) icing to make the cuff.  You can use two consistencies of white, but I'm just short-cutting it with a medium consistency.  However, I still go through the same motions and outline, then fill.

Next, sprinkle some sanding sugar on, then lightly and quickly tap off the excess.  Your icing is still wet, so you can't hold it up too long or it will drip.  And messing up a cookie on the very last step is just flat out depressing, so let's not do that.

These cookies are so simple and the marbling creates a fun look for a simple gift.  If you aren't making a whole gift basket, you can just stick with the cookies and a "warm wishes" tag!

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