Christmas Cookie Instagrams

So if you're wondering where I've been...
I've been at my table, 
with my ipod playing, 
squeezing frosting onto dozens of cookies!
(This is also known as my happy place)

I documented with instagram because I usually finished late and I haven't mastered the art of photography in the dark.  I've been such an extreme night owl that I'm turning into an early morning owl.  I'm currently trying to wean myself from the nocturnal lifestyle. 

But before you are slightly impressed, let me reveal my secret (that I have never kept a secret).
I use a kopykake projector (300K) as a guide while I decorate.  So I am essentially tracing, instead of actually being a cookie artist.  I often have a hard time finding cute images to copy, until I had my bright idea to ask for help with some original sketches!  Thanks to my talented friend for whipping out these Christmas sketches!  It made my job so easy!  I just put them into my projector and frosted away!

As you can see, I got lazy and didn't do some of these justice.  I'll got tired.

But I'm having a good time as I continue to "cookie" my way through December.  I even frosted along side a special cookie episode of Barefoot Contessa.  She was decorating with royal icing too.  But she used a paint brush to spread the frosting.  (Whatever works for ya)  It was the closest I've come to a baking play date with Ina.  Okay... that was a stretch.  Sorry.

I'll be back to share some more cookie love when I can tear myself away from the frosting bottles.
For recipes and instructions, click here!


  1. Even with a KopyKake, that's a lot of work (though fun it is)! They are ALL so cute! My favorites are the stockings, skates, sleighs and gingerbread men!

  2. I was totally wondering where you had been and was looking forward to your Christmas cookies. They were worth the wait. I made some with my three year old this year. The good thing about that is that I can do a messy job and everyone things it was a cookie he did!...Someday I want to try to do pretty cookies like you.

  3. super cute and I would never think to use a paint brush that way, weird;p

  4. Had never heard of KopyKake ... looks like my salvation is at hand! LOL Thanks for sharing .... Linda

  5. OH MY! These are amazing! Art and food, it doesn't get any better.

  6. Still brilliant and stunning, copycake projector or no. Awesome work!

  7. I am 22 years old. Not married, or anything. But your blog is the most beautiful, and lovely blog I have ever come across. You are a wonderful mother with beautiful kids; and everything you do love/crafting wise is so amazing. Sounds cheesy, but I'd like to be a mother like you one day. :)

  8. Hi! I’m new follower of your blog and would like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


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