Volleyball Cookies

Again, the cookies I share are a reflection of what's been going on with me!
This fall, I entered the busy world of school sports.

My oldest played on the middle school volleyball team and well, LOVED IT!
She bumps that ball around the house, in the yard and whenever anyone will play with her.

She had a great experience with great coaches and a really strong team (undefeated to be exact).
She picked up some great skills and improved throughout the season.

But the most valuable things she gained were friendship, confidence, passion, hard work and teamwork!  Those are the lessons you just can't buy for your kids, but you thank your lucky stars when they come!  So as they closed the season as champions of their tournament, I shared the only excitement I know how to contribute...


And the preteen crew freaked out and squealed enough for me to know, they loved them!


  1. Your volleyball cookies are PERFECT and your daughter is darling!

  2. Oh how I've missed you…the cuteness neverrrrr endssssss..or the jealousy!!

  3. She's really growing up, isn't she?!! So cute- the girl and the cookies. :)

  4. Wow! I didnt know you daughter was in volleyball too! I think your daughter is very pretty and she is very good at piano! Tell her I said that! :)


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