Simple Pleasures are the Best

It's getting colder and one of my favorite things about cold weather is hot chocolate!

Last year, with a revolving door of house guests, I left the hot chocolate out on a tray with marshmallows and candy canes.  It was a huge hit with kids as they helped themselves at the mini hot chocolate bar.  I'm just wondering if it's too early to bring this tray back out this year???

And in my humble hot chocolate opinion, Stephen's brand hot cocoa is the best!  
My very favorite is the chocolate mint truffle flavor!
At holiday time, you can score the candycane flavor, which is awesome too!

It's pretty easy to excite me, because simple pleasures are enough to make my day. For example...
Hot Chocolate + A Homemade Quilt + My Husband + a Red Box = Best Date Night!

I think a hot chocolate tray might make your day too, so I thought I'd share!


  1. I agree--hot cocoa is always a good choice!

  2. Your best date night sounds like my best too. I love the hot chocolate idea, especially the big jar full of marshmallos. I have a four year old son who I think would eat them all up in a day however. Your kids must be older or at least more disciplined.


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