Johnny Appleseed Cookies

Many times, my cookies revolve around my life, and my kids.  

When it's Johnny Appleseed at school, we need apples with seeds.  

When it's a Harvest party (two days) I need ___________ cookies.  
{I haven't decided what to make yet!}  

But I often make cookies for other occasions, and my kids have developed quite a sense of self-control around a table full of cookies.  They know when they are off limits from all of the cookie-policing I do.  (They do get to dig in when I have a mess-up though).  

But when the cookies are made especially for them, they guard the table themselves, saying, "NO!  These are for my class!"  I love making cookies for my kids.  A class party is one of the best reasons to make cookies!  And Johnny Appleseed day was no different.  

To make these, I used medium consistency (10ish seconds)  red, made an outline and let it dry for several hours.  Then I used a medium consistency white and immediately dropped black dots on the wet white.  Then I took a toothpick to drag a point out on that black it looked like a seed!  For the leaf, I used a stiff consistency and a leaf tip.

For more on cookie making, go to this post.  And check out some other apple cookies in this post.


  1. Yummy looking cookies.

    I pinned it here ...

    ... to share with others. Should you wish me to remove this from Pinterest, just let me know. Thanks for sharing the cookie how-to ... :) Pat


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