Eagle Scout Cookies

On my honor, I will do my best....

I'll spare you the rest of the scout oath.  But I thought It was appropriate to give the boy scout program a "shout out" as I share these cookies with you!

I've been to my share of boy scout courts of honor in my day.  With my brothers through the years, and nowadays with my husband who is a scout leader.  I think the boy scout program gives boys wonderful experiences and valuable life skills!  And I'm always impressed and proud of any teenage boy who puts in the hard work to earn their Eagle Scout Award.  I recently made these cookies for one such "stellar" teenager!


I used my fleur de lis cutter for the basic shape, then used my kopykake projector to frost the eagles!  For more information/recipes on sugar cookies, click over to this post

And we also have a winner to the Beads-n-Time giveaway...Erika!
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We also have a winner of our $100 Gift Certificate to Chuck E. Cheese's
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Congratulations to the Eagle Scout and our giveaways winners!


  1. After trying this cookie method with Kathryn a few weeks ago (and finding that I am pretty terrible at it, shaky hands and all), I am even MORE impressed by your skill, Ashleigh! These are amazing!

  2. These are amazing and what a wonderful organization to pay tribute to. XOXO

  3. While I wish that the Boy Scout policies were more inclusive, I have huge respect for the hard work and focus it takes to become an Eagle Scout. (You should also get a merit badge for those cookies).

  4. Your Eagle Scout cookies are perfect! I bet everyone enjoyed was impressed and enjoyed them!

  5. Hip Hip Hooray!! Emailing you now!!

  6. Do you sell them? I would be interested in placing an order!

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