Insta Friday

Here's what I've been up to according to instagram:

I got some time away with the fam at the boardwalk. 

The kids played at the beach.

But my oldest thought she was too cool for school.  Whatev.

Then again, I was quite self-indulgent with my beach time too.  

We pulled off a successful Lemonade Stand birthday party.  
I'll be sharing the deets here on the blog soon!

Umm.  My kids are weird.  And my sister's kids too.  
But we are weird, so what can you expect?

But there are certain moments when you feel like you are actually doing a good job as a parent.  When my daughters bring me breakfast in bed and they know it is important to keep the syrup separate and HOT until consumption... well that's when I know I'm raising them right.  

I put this fortune cookie on my wall.  Because I need a reminder to ACT on the things in my head!
That includes blogging the ideas in my head.  I'm pretty sure this little paper was meant for me.  
For now, most of my creativity remains in my head.  It's of no use there.  :(

Maybe I've been spending too much time with my boyfriend/therapist.  
This is my current method of procrastination.  

 But most of my time the past several weeks is spent with my kids activities.  
Swim team...


And Volleyball games.  (along with a million other things... craziness)
I'm squeezing in time with my online photography class and practicing when I can.  

And I'm going to end this insta-session with a confession.  You know how I told you my goal in January was to get my craft room organized?  Well, the opposite is happening.  

I need to be submitted to the TV show "Intervention" or "Hoarders."
Where do I apply?

And also... I'm excited to be guest posting on eighteen25 today for their spooktacular event!
You must check out the fabulous halloween ideas they have gathered from bloggers everywhere!


  1. For sure our kids are weird, I'm pretty sure that Linds and Nat are the weirdest though if that picture is evidence. :) And for the record it is so not fair that your kids brought you breakfast with hot syrup on the side. I usually get cold toast with peanut butter and a banana of questionable ripeness. I want a refund. :)

  2. To make Kathryn feel better - I don't even get cold toast, much less hot syrup. The only breakfast that ever makes it to my mouth is the one I have to make for myself... Please tell me that it is because I have all boys, and not because I am an unloved mother! Boys just show affection in different ways, right? (Just nod and agree please!) :)
    Love the instagrams and the guest post! Little vellum envelopes?! I wonder what other ideas lurk in that brain of yours Ash! Genius and adorable!

  3. LOL you are brave, my craft room is more of a pile really.

  4. I follow your every move, but honestly you are amazing! All you do is so creative, out of this world amazing. Congratulations on amazing success. You certainly deserve it.


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