"Bowls of Stuff" Sundaes

Ok so maybe I haven't "sold" this dessert under that name. I can hear you clicking to Our Best Bites as we speak. And, I realize I may never have a career in marketing.

But wait...look...drool...read on...


This dessert was born at my house eons ago and it was an instant hit with my people. The very next night, Ashleigh and her people came over. I was so excited because I knew I had leftovers of the "stuff" that goes on this ice cream sundae. It's hard to impress the foodies but I was up for the challenge. I went to the kitchen to serve up our new favorite and the "bowls of stuff" were gone. I asked my husband where the "bowls of stuff" were. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I started to have a mini panic attack and said "bowls of stuff" you know, the "bowls of stuff" that were on the counter? As I kept asking, my voice got higher and higher and Ashleigh was cracking up. The sad news was finally revealed that in his dishwashing efficiency the "bowls of stuff" were gone.

A moment of silence for the "bowls of stuff."


I had to instruct the hubby that one never throws away chocolate in any form. Nor peanuts and pretzels.

The recipe is as follows:
King size Hershey Bar

Chop em up, put them in desired proportions with vanilla ice cream, top with chocolate syrup. Layer in cute sundae cups (or just put it in a lime green plastic bowl that may or may not have been used to feed the dog- TMI).


Either way it is heaven.

P.S. You are allowed to call this something other than "bowls of stuff." That name might only be funny to Ashleigh and I. Let me know what you come up with. :)


  1. We are a family with a lot of different tastes and hardly anything in common. But earlier this summer we started Sundae Sunday's. We all look forward to a time to enjoy some ice cream and spend family time.

  2. What a cute idea that I'm passing on to my daughter. Our granddaughter and grandson are big ice cream enthusiasts. XOXO

  3. This is the STUFF dreams are made of! :)

  4. LOL how can you go wrong with something like this, even if it is called "stuff";p

  5. Scott and I are making these tomorrow night. :)


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