VTech Switch & Go Dino Review

I'm so excited to write this review for VTech today!

We received three different Switch & Go Dinos™ from VTech, and my son may as well have thought it was Christmas. He was ecstatic at the sight of these!

And the excitement hasn't stopped since. He has played with these for hours in the few short days we've had them. He has told me multiple times how much he loves them and even my husband said, "I haven't seen him like a toy this much in a long time! That review will be easy to write!"

These cute things easily transform from a dinosaur to a vehicle in just a few simple steps. My son quickly discovered all of the cool features. In dinosaur mode, action buttons play interesting facts about each dinosaur, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime. And because they are made by VTech, you know they are infused with technologyand high-quality electronics, Switch & Go Dinos come equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations.

They really are the cutest little toys! He played and played and played and played until he zonked out in his little "dino fort." (He escaped under the piano and called it a fort).
These toys were such a success that it made me want to get them for every little boy I know who is having a birthday soon. There are seven kinds and they start at just $15.99. My son and I both have put our stamp of approval on these and would highly recommend them to a friend.

I am beyond excited about the opportunity you all have to enter the Show & Tell Switch & Go CONTEST! We are talking a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF TOYS and THE WINNING VIDEO WILL AIR ON A VTECH COMMERCIAL ON NICKELODEON! I hope you guys enter a video. I would love to see you win this!

VTech is challenging kids to transform their imagination through the Show & Tell with Switch & Go Contest. Here's what you need to do to enter:

*upload a 15-30 second video to the VTech Facebook page of your child’s home-made Dino creation. In the video, your child can show VTech their new Dino by drawing, building or customizing their existing Switch & Go Dino. Don’t forget to tell about the cool things your Dino does! What does your child's Switch & Go Dino sound like? Encourage your child to name it and share its roaring sound effects.

*Let your child choose 1 of 3 ways to show-off their home-made Dino creation and record it on video:
1. Draw: They can use markers, crayons, paint or pen to sketch your creation on paper
2. Build: They can use foil, paper, cardboard, or any non-branded household items to build your Dino
3. Customize: They can update their own VTech Switch & Go Dino with accessories and fun props to give them a new image!

*From October 8 through October 19 cast your vote for the coolest, most creative and fiercest video…
One grand-prize winner will get a kids lifetime supply of educational toys from VTech. And your video will air on a VTech commercial on Nickelodeon, which you can watch at your very own viewing party with your friends and family. And VTech will also transform your living room into the ultimate Dino den!

Here is the video I made of my son's drawing. I asked him to draw his idea of a dinosaur that transforms to a car. This was taped before he ever had the toys!

I'm so happy I got to be part of this review. VTech has given my readers a huge opportunity to win (be sure to enter by clicking here), and the Switch & Go Dinos have made one happy boy at my house!
To see other bloggers' reviews and unique Switch & Go dino videos, please visit the VTech brand page on BlogHer!

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