It's Friday! It's a long weekend. Are you crafting? DIY-ing? I, for one, have already been highly productive today by venturing into the scary room shared by my 3 boys. It's either quicksand or the Twilight Zone in there because things go in and never come out. I already deserve 923 brownie points for not only entering but helping them do a deep clean so.... I plan to be a lazy lizard for the rest of the weekend.

Here's what else I've been up to...

Loving on my toothless wonder! Too bad she lost those front teeth by falling off of her bike at Ashleigh's. An Auntie's job is never done! Thanks Ash!

Taking this one for an upper GI scan. Boo, no fun! But, she was a trooper and looks far too cute in a hospital gown.

Reliving a favorite childhood hobby. Olive fingers!

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of my in-laws! They are just as in-love now as they were then. They are an inspiration!

Seeing Les Miserables in San Francisco. It was amazing of course! And I'm thinking the movie is going to be crazy good. I can't wait!

Cheering on the new intern at dad's work. They had lunch together and didn't invite me. But, I'll forgive them. It's Daddy daughter time.

Swimming as much as possible! PS this one is queen of the crazy, teenager picture faces. And she's only 8. Hold my hand people!

Back to school! Back to the grind of early mornings, backpacks and pencils everywhere, and going through a loaf of bread every other day. This year the stats are: college freshman, high school sophomore, 6th grade, 4th grade, 2nd grade and little monkey.

And back to school means back to 1.25 hours of kid free time so there is hope of crafting/exercising/reading/cleaning/napping/eating a treat in my room by myself/blog-surfing once again. Oh yeah!


  1. You guys have such a cute Family!

  2. loven keeping up with your cute fam.

  3. Great re-cap! Enjoy your time--all 1.25 hours.


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