Before I Blogged

Before I blogged the term "Bee in my bonnet" was a term Ashleigh and I used when we had some crazy idea up our sleeves.

Like the time I was 7 months pregnant and decided I wanted to drive from California to Utah for one day for the sole purpose of shopping at Taipan. I knew fundamentally that it was not normal. But my hubby wasn't about to mess with the crazy prego wife. Then, I talked my sister and my friend Katie into joining the insanity. While we were there I had a 'bee in my bonnet" that I could fit a table in the back of my Honda Odyssey. You know those things have got some serious trunk space. I was insisting it would fit while Katie and Ashleigh looked at me shaking their heads and saying pregnancy hormones had addled my space perception.

Those of you close to Taipan cross your heart that you will never take it for granted again.

Anyway..... before I blogged, I decorated my kids' rooms.

And only took one picture!
With my kids in the picture!
Wearing some questionable outfits.

Don't worry, I've already sued myself multiple times about this. In my defense, do you remember film? My budget was to buy and develop one roll a month. That's 24 pictures a month. The olden days were so sad.

Cars and trucks

And yet another one photo wonder. The Princess castle

Then I decorated my kid' bedrooms and the only people that got to see them were my friends that I dragged into my house and my scrapbook layout.

Sweet Strawberry Nursery

Turquoise Teeny Bopper Paradise
038 (2)DSC_0008

Now the pressure is on. This is blog world baby. I have to think of some clever way to decorate or DIY if I want to even think about putting it on the blog.

First I thought it was cool enough to sand and paint something, like my hot pink headboard

hot pink

Like the canvases I painted or the Baby's First Year frame for The Monkey Nursery
Or the planets I painted in the space room.

But now, the blog world has stepped up their game and I have to think about taking pictures along the way for an in depth tutorial if it is to be deemed blog-worthy.

Here we have My Zebra-tastic Room with the IKEA frame tutorial

Then we were in Crafting With the Stars and Ashleigh and I tackled this Skateboarder insanity.



With the Denim and Flannel Quilt tutorial


Oh kids,

Will you ever appreciate the paint fumes, hours at the sewing machine and trips to Michaels I have endured to make all of your dreams of a perfect bedroom come true?

If not, you will be redirected to the blog until you do appreciate it!

K thanks, Mom


  1. That Taipan trip was epic. I'm glad you've forgiven me for not letting you buy that table. But really, I was afraid I would have had to hold it on my lap the whole way home from Utah!

    Love the pictures of all of your kids rooms! You are always so inspiring! Maybe some day I will decorate my boys rooms. But first, I need to find the carpet under all of their chud!

    1. Ha ha! I think you not letting me buy that table was the best part of the trip. It makes me laugh every time I think about it! The low point of the trip might have been when I was singing Simon and Garfunkel! Sorry about that!

  2. Great rooms and adorable children! I love your before I blogged posts.

    1. Thanks Christine! Glad to see I'm no just entertaining myself. :)

  3. LOL I used to hate taking pictures because I would always forget about them then never be able to find them, with my blog at least I know where they are:)

    1. So true! For better of for worse, it's all out there when you post something on the blog.

  4. I love all these ideas! LOL at BB (before blogging) scrapbook layouts. Love it. Also, I've never been to Taipan, and I'm kind of bitter about that. . . .

    1. I could be talked into another road trip fairly easily....just saying :)

    2. And I am 7 months pregnant so you could probably talk me into it too.

  5. I drive from California to Utah all the time and Taipan is one of our regular spots to stop. Oh, and I've got the Honda Odyssey too and I love bees. Who knew?

    1. Hey soul sister! (I couldn't help myself) There are just certain things that we are deprived from here in Cali. We have to travel two states for Taipan, good scrapbook stores and Cafe Rio! Sheesh!

    2. Growing up my first stop was always Taco Time, but I've overcome that one. Now it's Taipan. This last two week trip to Utah I had to find room for a Yudu machine and an big ole milk can. Almost had to sacrifice one of my kids for some room! Now if I could get a Blue Lemon restaurant out here.

  6. I loved this post and all the awesome bedrooms you have decorated. Thanks for sharing your talents with us blog followers.


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