Howdy everyone! It's Insta-Friday and it's my turn to share a few snippets of what we've been up to...

The little girls got bangs. They want to be just like their Auntie Ashleigh!

In an effort to have the car clean at least once before the kids got out of school we went to the carwash where they clean the "chud" from the inside and outside of my Suburban for $10. Which was a good deal until I bought the soda, chips and salad from the deli. Darn, but it was fun while it lasted!

End of the year JV tennis team vs. teachers match at the High School. The teachers won, looks like the tennis team has some work to do.

We had to miss the ward campout because of sister's graduation. So to prevent a hostile takeover, we camped in the backyard and by we I mean my hubby and the kids. :)

I am still in awe of these beautiful plaques the Cub Scout leaders got for the kids that earned their Arrow of Light. And I'm proud of my kid. It's the highest award you can get in Cub Scouts. Love, love, love the scouting program!

With all their extra time the kids are watching "Kid History" on YouTube. Repeatedly. I can't blame them though because they are hilarious. My favorite is number six. The kids now speak an entirely different language made up of Kid History quotes.

I survived the first swim meet. These are not for the feint of heart. We left the house at 4:30 and returned at 11:00 pm. But they look so darn cute in their suits and I was so proud of them for at least making it to the other side of the pool, it's totally (maybe) worth it.

Our pool got finished in time for 104 degree weather. Since then, the kids have only gotten out of the water to eat, sleep and watch Kid History.

I knew little dude had flat feet but I'm pretty sure footprints aren't supposed to look like this.

As it turns out, I could not prevent this day from happening. We moved her senior year (which was so mean of us) and still, she excelled. Great things in store for this cutie!

My only projects lately have been making oodles of food for the graduation party, end of the year music makers party and end of the year seminary party. I then ate most of the leftovers. Can someone refer me to a mint brownie 12 step program?

And in other news, we have a winner for the Brooklyn and Eleanor frames giveaway from Poppy Seed Projects. If your name is Jani, you are going to be adding some serious cuteness to your life. Email us your contact info at beeinourbonnet(at) If you didn't win you can still get $10 off of a $50 purchase at Poppy Seed Projects by using the coupon code "beeinourbonnet"

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