I'm in love.  With Instagram!

There's a throwback polaroid-ish element to instagram pictures that makes my heart skip a beat.

There's nothing more fun than checking my friends pics and seeing the cuteness they've captured with their phone.  It's one more way to stay in touch with old college roomies, and current friends alike.

I've long been in love with jeanette's series "instafriday" and I always follow Lindsey's instafriday posts.  So I thought I'd join in the fun to hopefully share some fun stuff with you guys.  I can show you some of the projects that aren't getting documented as a full post and just share some things that I'm exited about!  And since my kids are my biggest "project" each and every day, they might sneak in my insta-feed too!  :)

life rearranged

So here's what I've been up to lately.

Cookies for teachers on the last day of school!

Lots of graduations going on!  I just went to my niece's last night!
If you didn't catch my graduation cookie tutorial, go to skip to my lou and check it out.

Ballet recitals are on tap for this weekend!

Tutus and a little stage make-up will be a thrill up my girly-girl!

And I will be there to catch any fabulous kodak insta-moments that my girls create.

Summer also means projects!!!  What do I do with all of this time I'll have?
Wait, why does it seem like I have less time than ever!  
Well, if I'm lucky, I'll post about my latest wood creations soon.

I did get around to some organizing in my craft room.  
My fabric is folded up OCD style... and I love it.
I've also been shopping around for a new sewing machine as mine has been broken 
and I've been craving a good sewing project.  Any suggestions?

My girls are obsessed with the game MASH right now!
Doesn't that bring back memories!  I can't believe that game is still cool.
They can sit around for an hour dreaming about their future mansions, jobs and husbands.

My latest fave is this fabulous milkshake maker!  We've officially dubbed Sunday nights as "milkshake nights," so if you know me, Sunday night is the night to stop by!  My favorite flavor so far is the boysenberry milkshake my husband made with some fresh boysenberries we got from a friends!

These were some brownies I made with my Mini Cheesecake pans!  If you like corner/edge piece chewiness, these are perfect.  They have a bit of chewiness all around the outside and soft goodness in the center!  I had a stupid/awesome idea to wrap them in lace paper cups.  But when I couldn't find mini lace cups, I started making them out of little doilies.  Good thing a friend saved me from my insanity!  She ended up doing most of the work so I now owe her for the rest of my life.

Speaking of insanity, I made 100 lace and monogram cookies for a friend's daughter's wedding! 
Never has my hand cramped so badly!  But it was worth it because I liked how they turned out.  

Thanks for letting me share a little insta-love with you all!  I'm linking up with Life Rearranged!

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  1. Love the ballet photo--reminded me of my days on point! I will be flying to the east coast the end of June to see my granddaughter in her first recital. Such memories! XOXO

  2. Love the instagram photos! They look so unique and vintage. I really need to try it:)

  3. I am loving instagram photos too! And your happy summer cookies are so stinkin' cute!


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