School Cookies

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 7-11!

Our kids' teachers need to be thanked and what better way than with a cookie?

I'm excited to be demonstrating some simple techniques for school cookies on KSL, Studio 5 today!
(If you're here for the first time, welcome!!!!  For my sugar cookie and royal icing recipe, click here).
I'm demonstrating some cookies I've done before as I teach the basics of royal icing.

We are making apple cookies:

And ruler cookies:

I hope you'll give these a try!   And if you do, you are welcome to download the tags I made!
"An apple for the {best} teacher"

"You Rule"- pencil box size

"You Rule"- small tag size

I really love these cardboard pencil boxes that you can just glue a message on.  I've bought them at Michael's and ordered them online at Nasco.

You can make all sorts of school cookies for your pencil box.


Or you can fill it with just crayons!

It's fun to personalize the cover of these pencil boxes with Teachers' and kids' names, but if you'd like a generic "Thank-you for being such a great Teacher" box cover, you can download that too!

End of the year teacher gifts are around the corner too!  And those teachers deserve a cookie or two or twenty!!!  Every time I help in the classroom, I have a new respect for the energy and patience it takes to run those classrooms!  So let's make them some cookies!  :)


  1. You didn't tell me THAT'S why you were going to Utah! Congratulations, Miss Celebrity! Hope you two have a wonderful time. Glad that the world is getting to see your genius! :)


  2. These turned out sooo perfect. What am i doing wrong? i use your recipe, but mine seem to spread more. I even switched from mixing it in my Bosch to mixing it in my kitchenaid.
    I still think your recipe tastes the best (i've tried maybe 10?)
    This is such a great idea, if I can find these cookie cutters I'm going to make them. Do you remember where you got this set?

  3. Do you sell cookies for birthday parties?

  4. You seriously are AMAZING. I wish I had those skills.

    ps I wish you lived in Utah so 1. I could eat more of your cookies, 2. I could learn from you. 3. we could hang out.

    1. We had a blast hanging out with you and love, love your blog! Keep up the great ideas so I can copy them. I have 6 birthday parties a year to crank out. :)

  5. I just wanted to say "HI" and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at SNAP... I've been looking over your blog more tonight and MAN you guys are seriously talented! I tried to make sugar cookies like you guys once and I could not get the icing in the squeeze jar!! Next time I try it I'm totally emailing you for help :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We have been fans of yours for awhile! I forgot to tell you when we met that we have a friend in common, Sarah Smith. :) She told me how talented you are and I said I already knew. I have loved getting to know her since I moved here last year. It's a small world!

  6. Hi,
    It's Laura from Snap (I know Kristi Payne). I am so amazed by your cookies. Love love love it all. I am trying to use the email contact and it won't work will you email me? It should be in my info right?

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by! Sorry the email link isn't working. We have some bugs to fix. :/ I am not seeing your email on your profile either but our blog email is I'm so glad we met and we made the connection. It's always a small world :)

  7. Love the cookies! The ruler and glue ones are my fav! Definitely will share a link to here for my readers for teacher gift ideas!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  8. I love these, great ideas! I am so honored to know you you are like a blogging star Ash!

  9. Gosh, I love them all! I need to make some teacher-themed cookies for my kindergarten teacher-sister:)

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