Frog Cookies

Happy Leap...Year.
I know I'm not sharing in time for Leap Day, but I had to share anyway!

I made these frog cookies for my good friend (since Preschool).
Her son's birthday IS on Leap Day, so she naturally threw a darling frog party!

To make these, I relied on a little sketch and my kopykake projector.
For the sketch, I simply traced the cookie cutter I found a few times on paper.  Then I drew out a few versions of a frog and picked my favorite.  I decided to do one big yellow belly instead of 3 sections of yellow.  This would mean piping the legs over the the yellow but for such a small area, I don't mind doubling up on icing layers.  Then I placed my sketch into the projector and piped my outline.  You can do this without a projector and just eyeball it, but it is just so much faster and less stressful to have the image right there on the cookie.  (See this post about decorating with a projector).

I had made all of my frog eyes the night before.  (See this post for more about making eyeballs).
So after my outline dried, I filled with a slightly lighter green.  Then while it was wet, I placed the eyes right on the wet icing.  I also piped my yellow spots right away, so they would meld into that layer ("wet on wet" technique).

These frogs were a great fit for the creative party that my friend planned.
I wish I had pictures of all of it to share. :/  (Actually, I wish I had pictures of the last 5 or so projects I did.  That's the problem with edible projects, they get eaten!  I will try to recommit to being a better picture taker/blogger because I hope to accomplish a lot this week!)

I enjoyed the extra day that Leap Year gave us, but right now I'm really feeling that hour that Daylight Savings stole from me!  Come back Leap Day!


  1. They are darling. Such hard work, only to be eaten. Thank goodness for the camera.

    I'm definitely going to host a frog party in four years time, just 'cos it's such a cute idea! x

  2. so cute! I have icing eye ball making on my list of things to try,so yours gave me inspiration to try different sizes:)

  3. So nice that you have been friends since Preschool. These cookies are so cute and a nice tutorial too!

  4. Makes me think spring is around the corner...although we woke up to a dusting of snow, again!

  5. These turned out cute. The frogs I made were a bit akward!!

  6. They look amazing. My father and husband worked in the bakery business for a number of years and through them I know how time-consuming decorative cookies can be. Great job!


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