Sock Monkey Party

I intended to have a low key birthday celebration for my little monkey after a music class I host at my house. But, then I had to have a theme and then I had to have at least some cute food and then, two nights before the party I got a bee in my bonnet to make 16 sock monkey hats. Have I not learned my lesson by now?

My little dude is literally attached to his sock monkey. It's a disgusting shade of grey no matter how many times I steal it for a trip to the washing machine. So, a sock monkey party seemed only appropriate.


I saw the cutest dinosaur hat tutorial by Christine at the blog From an Igloo and adapted it to make it a sock monkey. Christine did a wonderfully easy to follow tutorial and I won't reinvent the wheel. I used her pattern, size, directions on lining the hat and how to make that cute pom on the top. But here are the adaptations I used to make a sock monkey.


The top is made of four triangularish pieces. I sewed the ears together, turned them right side out and placed them straight across from each other.


After the whole outside part was completed, I sewed red lips onto an oval shaped cream colored mouth and then onto the hat overlapping the band of the hat. I then sewed on by hand black buttons for the eyes.


Then follow the rest of Christine's instructions to line the hat and topstitch.

How cute are these little monkeys? PS I made pink ears and a pink pom pom for the hats for the girls. If only I would have had time to do eyelashes....


We had some sock monkey sandwiches. Nilla wafer ears, mozzarella cheese mouth, licorice lips, and olive eyes.


And some sock monkey cupcake toppers made with a tootsie pop, one vanilla melty, one chocolate melty, two mini chocolate chips, one slice of red licorice and one red hot. Basically what I found in my pantry since I got the idea to make these about a half hour before the party. I cut the chocolate melty for the ears in half and then shaved off a bit more to make it a half moon shape. I melted the chocolate ears and eyes just a tiny bit with a lighter. It could have been disastrous, make sure another grown up is close by. I glued everything else on with leftover frosting.




The party was so fun but oh how I needed Ashleigh!! Since we moved away from each other I have desperately missed the best sister ever who would have arrived at 10 pm after I called in desperation for a sock monkey hat sewing party. I should never attempt to do a party without my sister for food and sewing help. And I forgot that having a party during the day means no husband at home to order around for last minute details.

I should really learn my lesson.

I probably won't.

But happy birthday to my monkey anyway!


  1. Sewing monkey hats the night before? Low key at it's finest.

    This is the kind of insanity that has bonded us for life ;)

  2. so cute! And wow that is a lot of work last minute, good for you!

  3. I loled because I was just thinking, wouldn't it be nice if these girls were my neighbors! The parties we'd make! This is really an truly adorable! Love that sandwich :-)

  4. I think it's awesome that you just whipped up all those party hats- Bravo!

  5. Love the photo of all the kids with their adorable hats on! What a fun party and those cupcake toppers are too cute! Happy birthday to your little monkey :)

  6. So cute!! My little man is having a sock monkey party for his 1st birthday next month and I am having so much fun planning it!

  7. Kathryn, You crack me up. You forgot to mentions the awesome food for the Moms. I would love to see what you come up with if you are not planning a low key shin dig. The hats where so cute I could not beleive you had made them. You are pretty awesome!!!!

  8. This is awesome!! Thank you ladies for having such a fabulous blog full of amazing ideas! Pssst...I have a sall award for you on my blog... :)

  9. I too am always shocked when I get in over my head and the family members I always count on are not available for perfectly reasonable and understandable reasons. What are they (am I??) thinking!?? Your party idea is adorable! :)

  10. Hi there,
    Oh my gosh my son loves sock monkeys -- all of this is soo cute. So glad I found you. Come on over and visit me sometime...I write about my family/traditions and teaching. :o)
    ~ Vicky
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  11. My grandson is nicknamed Monkey, so all things sock monkey make me think of him! I love these hats! I'm pinning this idea to my pinterest. Have you ever tried oxy clean on lil guys monkey? If you can wrangle it away from him at night, put it to soak, all night if possible, then wash it. I have been amazed at what a prolonged oxy soak has done for my clothes! It has even removed the dreaded milk/juice mildew on some of my kiddos clothes!! Simply amazing!


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