Class Valentines bulk-food style

The last time I was grocery shopping I passed by the bulk-food bins and decide to multi task and buy some Valentines! I didn't have a plan, but I'm a make-it-work kinda gal so I buy first, plan later.

First I saw these candy necklaces. I knew my 6 and 8 year old girls would think these were the bomb dot com! They are already wrapped and they were 15 cents each! You can't even get a store bought My Little Pony Valentine for 15 cents. Score!

Then I tried to think of a clever little saying to go with it and every combination of sweet, neck, around, love sounded creepy, so I went with a classic, "Happy Valentine's Day. First graders don't read clever sayings anyway, right?


Then I happened upon a bin of fairly giant jawbreakers. Individually wrapped. They were more like 90 cents. But, they're so cool. And when you are a fifth grade boy, you've got to be cool. And, he's my middle child...and we moved to a new school this year...and I may have some guilt issues...and I'll stop now. Let's just say, I bought the jawbreakers. Here is the front and back of the tag.


I bought a huge bag of Hot Tamales to see if my teenagers wanted to give out candy. My fourteen year old boy took me up on it. Surprising...Maybe he figures until he hits his growth spurt he can impress the ladies with candy. He he.

Once again, I had a little trouble coming up with a cool and clever tag. Hope you have a "Hot" Valentine's Day..I think you're "hot"....Have a "fiery" Valentine's Day. These might land him in the principals office. So I played on the fact that his favorite color is red and he thinks it's sweet that his name has the word red in it. And, he's easy to please.


The moral of the story is...stop and browse that bulk-food section. You never know what Valentine treasures you'll find.


  1. Lots of cute ideas here. The kids are going to have a lot of fun handing these out!

  2. Those are so cute! We would love for you to share these at are link party! Our readers LOVE cute easy Valentine's ideas!

  3. Cute ideas, thanks for sharing!

  4. Seriously, brilliant! I think the necklaces would be an easy sell for my girls, as long as I can convince them to return the ones we already got from Tar-jay. Of course, that would make more work for me . . .

  5. I love your blog! It's been one of my "must reads" for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration and I love the jawbreaker valentine!


  6. Oh Kathryn, you made me laugh. I love all your saying. I would have loved to see Jared handing out slap worthy Valentines. You know just to hear the stories later. These are all darling.

  7. At least once a week I wish you were my neighbor!


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