Valentine in a Jar

Jars are meant for cookies.

Cookies are meant for jars.

Ahhhhh the beauty of a "cookie Jar."

I had wayyyy too much fun putting my jack-o-lantern cookies in a jar.

Then some of my genius cookie friends blew my mind with their "parts of parts" cookies.

Munchkin Munchies made an adorable Thanksgiving treat with her "Turkey Cookie in a Jar."
You have to see it assembled.  Cutest turkey I ever did see!

turkey in a jar

I'm pretty sure kids would love this as much as building a real snowman! 
Meaghan is so rad, she has a Sugarlicious book coming out.  I can't wait!

Then I saw these Mr. Potato Head cookies from Oh, Sugar! Events.  
This little toy was what got my brain thinking about this stuff, then Angela went and made it!
Perfectly executed, wouldn't you say!!!  I think these would be the BEST at a Toy Story party!
potato head

I can't tell you how happy I was to see each of these ideas because that IS the beauty of blogland!  Sharing ideas and creativity is so rewarding.  I am constantly inspired by these and other cookie ladies so I felt, for a second that I was "giving back to the cookie universe."  Oh man, that was dramatic.  But I really am in love with all of these cookies, and their jars.  

So I now I have all of these Holiday cookie ideas in my head.  But Valentine's really stumped me.
I thought of cupid...  But I just couldn't bring myself to make parts of a little cherub.  I knew it would involve a bare bootie cookie and I just didn't go there.  So although these aren't cookies to be assembled, I still dig the way my Valentine cookies look in a jar.

There are valentines, lace, hugs and kisses (xoxo), roses and love notes all bottled up!

And I love to top it off with a spray painted lid, great ribbon and a tag!

A tag which you can download here if you are doing this project.

And also!  My friends at eighteen25 posted an adorable tag today that could also be used for your cookies in a jar.

So make those cookies and buy those jars guys!  (I got mine at Target).  If you're doing jar cookies, or "parts" cookies, I'd love to see them!  Send me an email or comment.  Keep it alive cookie makers!!!

Pretty soon we'll be doing Make-your-own-Leprechaun and Build-a-Bunny cookies!
Won't you join me?


  1. I love using jars, so cute. My cookies never look as good as those though, LOL.

  2. Such adorable gift ideas! I would also love to see a tutorial on your heart cookies with the lip print. They look so real!

  3. Your jar is adorable and packed with the cutest cookies!

  4. You are the queen of cookies, Ash. I think wherever you stick them they look fantastic.

  5. Such a fantastic idea - why I only give cookies for Christmas baffles me when I look at these fantastic idea - Thanks

  6. So cute! And thanks for your comment on our little blog I need to get more updated, but after a birthday girl's party! I thought of you tonight when I saw this blog. It's my sister in law's friend. I didn't know if you had seen it or not. She sells some at the lion house pantry (I believe). You will drool over these cookies! Then probably make some just like them. (: You're incredible.

  7. Your Valentine jar of cookies is beyond cute! Any Valentine would be thrilled to receive it! I know I would:)

  8. Oops, Thanks so much for the link-love and your kind words about my turkey in a jar cookie. I learned from the best:)

  9. Ash, be honest... how many cookie cutters do you have. Do you use cutters for all of them? I cant get over how talented you are!


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