Mitten Cookies

I showed you how perfectly these worked in my cozy bliss basket and I wanted to share more detailed instructions on how to make the cookies.

I used a mitten cutter and my favorite recipe for cookies and royal icing.

You will need to make up two consistencies of red royal icing.  A thick (15-ish second) icing to flood and a thin (7-ish second) to fill.  Don't forget to pop any visible bubbles too.

While it's still wet, (like right away) make white horizontal stripes with a thin (7-ish second) white icing (with a #2 tip on it).  Then I drag my toothpick through, going up, then down.

The closer together you make your white lines and the closer together you marble your vertical lines, it will make it look like a "tighter knit."  These have a different look with the wider lines.

I prefer the "tighter knit" look.  Wait... I'm not sure why I'm using knitting comparisons considering I know nothing about that topic.  That's Kathryn's department.  Back to cookies.

After the top part has dried for a good half day, use a medium (10 second) icing to make the cuff.  You can use two consistencies of white, but I'm just short-cutting it with a medium consistency.  However, I still go through the same motions and outline, then fill.

Next, sprinkle some sanding sugar on, then lightly and quickly tap off the excess.  Your icing is still wet, so you can't hold it up too long or it will drip.  And messing up a cookie on the very last step is just flat out depressing, so let's not do that.

These cookies are so simple and the marbling creates a fun look for a simple gift.  If you aren't making a whole gift basket, you can just stick with the cookies and a "warm wishes" tag!


  1. Love the tag for the cookies! Amazing work! :)

  2. Your mitten cookies are just adorable!

  3. The mittens are so cute and your skill with the design work is awesome.

  4. I love these! As a knitter, I must make some sometime. Also as a knitter, I would say that the father apart the lines, the bigger the gauge. Big gauge = big yarn + big needles. Small gauge = small yarn, small needles. :)

  5. A friend of mine from college just told me that your sugar cookie recipe has changed her life. :) Also, I just noticed that you guys have advertising on the side and nearly 1500 followers. You've hit the big time!! :) That's awesome.

  6. It's a cold day today and these would be perfect to bake! I was ill over Christmas and didn't get out my cards, but sending a lovely cookie would be a nice way to say Happy New Year. Thanks for the creative idea. XOXO

  7. These are so adorable! I've been working on my cookie decorating skills, but I am not quite here yet. Hopefully by next winter these will be a piece of cake.

  8. I am new to this blog and cannot find a troubleshooting section and I'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times. I made some plain peanut butter cookies and covered the top with royal icing, tinted brown - not unlike your Mickey Mouse cookies. However, when they dried out, the royal icing lifted right off the cookie. What did I do wrong? Is it because they were not sugar cookies? They looked adorable but lifted right - didn't break - came clean away from the cookie itself.


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