Getting Sidetracked

I got sidetracked...

You see, I was going through my heart cutters because you know the day of LOVE is coming up...

And you know I've been making cookies... because it's a habit I just don't care to break.

But after those cookies were baked, I started in on another project.
Because everyone knows its better to have 10 half-way done projects than tons of completed projects!

The girls and I used a cookie cutter to trace lots of felt hearts.

Then I sewed one little line down the middle to create a little banner.
I hung it up with my "I love you" banner I made out of chipboard last year.

It's kind of a fun getting sidetracked.

But now I have some cookies to frost.

I'm pretty sure I was getting sidetracked from the laundry when I started the cookies.  
And so it goes with a bee in my bonnet.  


  1. I am the same way, I have so many things on the go. And when I get one done, I just start another. I love the banner, so cute.

  2. Yep... I have so many unfinished projects but keeping getting ideas for more to do! That's the life of a creative person, I guess!

  3. I've sewn felt too and it's so cute, but now just make sure that it doesn't get tangled when you put it away. :) It's a nightmare to untangle.

  4. Cute banner. I am not sure if I really ever finish a project once I am sidetracked. I have a half painted ceiling from this weekend, hope it gets finished soon.

  5. That's a lot of tracing and a lot of cutting but it sure made a cute banner! Can't wait to see all your decorated cookies.


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