Ice Cream Sundae Gift Basket

Don't you just love gift baskets?  Receiving them, I mean.

Creating them can be daunting.  I know you've all been asked to put one together for a school carnival, fundraising event, or something of that sorts.  And we all want our gift basket to look it's best, right?

Well, I tried my best in the "presentation" department for my latest gift basket assignment, and I thought I'd share some things that added a special touch to this "ice cream sundae gift basket."

Well the main part of a sundae is the ice cream, but that's a little hard to package seeing as though it will melt rather quickly.  But I was so excited to find this stuff that makes homemade ice cream quick and easy.  I found it (and the baskets I packed it all in) at World Market.  Major score!

And then at the same place, I found these stinkin adorable little containers that have a little scoop in them.  Perfect for the sprinkles and almonds.  Yes, toasted almonds, not peanuts.  That's how I roll.  But I bagged a couple of other toppings because I wanted them to sit right in the ice cream sundae dishes I got.  They just looked sad when they were empty.


Now the topping labels were fine and all, but I kind of felt like they were messing with my mojo and I wanted to cover them up.  So I sewed very simple bags to put them in.

Then I stamped them with some old foam stamps and craft paint.  I figured no one was going to wash and re-use my silly topping bags, so I didn't go buy fabric paint.  But I did put some cardboard in the bag before I stamped.  I was thinking ahead, I tell ya!

And while I was browsing for some white fabric I found this cute polka dot stuff that just screamed ice cream shop to me!  I was working under a time crunch, so instead of sewing a full basket liner, I just sewed a napkin and lined the basket with that.  I used this tutorial at Skip to My Lou to do my mitered corners.

So all of these ice cream things are great and good, but they provide no immediate cure for a sweet tooth.  So, I thought a little cookie was in order for the recipient to munch while they get their ice cream done!

I've done a cookie similar to this before, but I thought I'd show you how simple the steps are:
For my "bubble gum ice cream" I just used medium thickness (10-15 second) pink royal icing and threw on some colorful sugar pearls while it was wet.  I let it dry about a half hour in between layers.

For the "mint chip" layer, I did the same with green icing and candy covered chocolate chips.  They come in a rainbow of colors, but I picked out the brown ones.  I'm dedicated to the cause...

Then I simply made the cone!

After about 5 hours when that frosting was mostly dry, I decided it would be better as a waffle cone.
I do love a good waffle cone at the yogurt shop!

So that is what went into this little basket of mine.
I figured I couldn't go wrong when giving the gift of ice cream!

Assembling this gift basket ended up to be quite a fun (and not a daunting) task!  I didn't have any exact plans when I went out shopping.  I just seemed to easily find a few items that got me excited!  I love it when that happens!  So gear up for your fundraisers, friends.  I just know you will have gift basket success too!

Bee Cookies

Lately, I started feeling as though it was a little wrong that I hadn't ever posted a bee cookie.

After all, our blog is called "bee in our bonnet" and the most common project I do is sugar cookies!

It just seems as if our blog needs a mascot of sorts.  A bee cookie will do!  But I couldn't decide on just one.  And I still can't decide.  So head on over to somewhat simple where I am posting my bee cookies today.  And feel free to tell me which one is your favorite!  Here is a sneak peak...

But "bee" sure to click over and see what else is buzzing around on somewhat simple!

Soda Can Flower Bows

First of all, I call it "soda." I giggle when people say "pop". But, I'm equal opportunity when it comes to cold fizzy happiness. Call it what you want. I like it.

This craft hails from my sister-in-law who lives in Utah, so maybe we should call it pop in honor of all crafty Utahans.


Ready to make em?

First, drink soda, or go to the gas station and dig through trash. Rinse and empty.

Find the section with the nutrition information. That is not cute and I don't want any kind of calories on my happy bows. I used a knife to slice from top to bottom.


Then you have to make some decisions whether to use utility scissors or a knife to cut the top and bottom off. This weighty matter depends on the sharpness of your knife, or scissors or who in the house might be trying to do homework while your knife makes a sound worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I used scissors. Such complainers my kids!


Now you have a little rectangle of aluminum which you can load into your Cricut. Your Cricut might get mad at you a few times. It's not used to working so hard. I set it on the slowest speed and highest presssure and it still didn't cut completely through but I just eased the shape out with tender loving care. I probably should have gotten a new blade, that would have required a trip to the store right in the middle of my bee in my bonnet.


If you don't have a die cutting machine, never fear. Just cut a circle and cut from the outside into fourths and then cut each fourth in half.


Then round each petal into your desired shape.


Whichever way you cut your flowers, you will want to cut graduating sizes and then bend the aluminum a bit. I bent each petal upward at its base and then rounded the edge downward for a more natural look. Staple the layers together twice upside down and then you can slide your clip under the staple.


What's more natural than metal die cuts on your head. My husband was a bit worried about my sanity but the edges really aren't sharp, promise. The girls were finding outfits to match their new flowers.


I'm thinking they would be fun for spirit day in school colors. They would be awesome as a bow on a gift for a friend who loves a certain brand of soda. The brands of soda and colors are endless. I considered asking my teenager to grab cool ice tea or energy drink cans from people at school when they were done. But, that might be slightly embarrassing at your brand new school so I'll have to stalk them instead.

And this one is for you, Ash. Your very own Diet Pepsi bracelet.


Not that we drink that or anything.

Sweet talkin' our Teachers

Yeah! We have a winner in our Cake Stand Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered!!! Thank you to Ashleigh's hubby who helps with the powertools and to Ashleigh for designing some dang cute cake stands!

Drumroll please......
Renee from Renee's Soirees you are the happy owner of two sunshine yellow cake stands!

On a side note, today I sent 5 kids to new schools for their first day! First grade through High School Senior and I just have little Boo to keep me company. I might actually have to clean my house today. Or sit around and hope they make new friends. Or craft. Or take a nap to congratulate myself for surviving the summer.

Back to school reminds me of how much we love teachers!!!! Our mom was a teacher and she did not mess around! In her classroom she did cow eye dissections, snail races, taught French, did plays, and had an endless supply of brain teasers for her students.

(Just so you know, it's super uncool to open the freezer to offer your friends some ice cream and find 200 cow eyes staring back at you)

As faithful daughters, we have done our share of coloring, laminating, cutting out laminating, hanging borders on bulletin boards, giving a thumbs up on the new outfit for Open House, and forgiving mom for cow parts in the freezer.

So in our mom's honor (and because we love our kids even when they smell like playground and hope their teachers might overlook that smell as they educate our stinky cherubs) we like to take care of teachers!!

Here's a little something for the first day of school. (Or any time your teachers need some sweet talk)


I was inspired by this fill-a-bowl that our friend Allison (THE crazy hair day magician) made for us with some cool Halloween candy, thanks Allison!


So I decided to fill-a-cup! These cups are so hip that if you don't already own one you feel like a loser. I have cup envy, is it obvious?

I cut some white cardstock the height of the cup, folded the strips and glued each "V" together so it made spokes. I tapered the paper on the bottom so it would fit in the tapered cup cause I'm smart like that.

Then fill 'er up with some back to school goodies! Put the straw in first :)

I made some paper cozies with the teachers' names. And, you don't want your name cozy getting wet when you use your hip cup so HE-LOOOO! I laminated them with the new laminator Ash got me for my birthday! I feel a whole post coming soon about her laminating love affair. She snuggles the laminator sometimes. :)


Hopefully we're off to a great start at our new school. Now, I need to sweet talk the office staff....

Sunshine Wall

This is the story of the big blank wall above my daughter's dresser.  Well it was blank for a few months after I finished her bedding.  That crafting with the stars contest really wore me out!
{sidenote: I apologize for the poor pictures in this post.  I'm having camera issues}

Last fall, I shared my daughter's sunshine bedding with you.  In this post I shared the quilt and I explained that I chose a sunshine theme for her room, to match her happy disposition.   I also shared tutorials on how I made the pillows in this post.  

Throughout the year, I have been adding things to her blank wall and I thought I'd share them with you.
I made some fabric flowers with my leftover scraps.  There are so many tutorials for fabric flowers, it was hard to choose which style to do, but I went with inspiration from Chris.

They sit on a shelf that was in her room before.  It was white, but now it is a happy sun yellow!  And of course she has this mailbox from Target up there too.  She says she keeps her important stuff there.

And just like the sun on the other wall in the room, this little cloud is just something that I cut out of wood scraps.  Okay, my husband helps me a lot in this category.  I tend to exaggerate my power tool skills.  But really, I love the simplicity of a chunky wood accessory that is custom made for a space.

You just need to pick up some of these things in your craft store framing department and your scrap wood can become wall art!  And right now I'm admitting that I didn't paint the back. Insert wonky face :/

And this is just something I made in photoshop.  There are a bazillion cute "you are my sunshine" printables out there.  And here is one more....  I'm super good at sharing now thanks to
{If you want to download this print, click here}

The lamp is from Target.  They had the perfect shade of pink.  I added some fabric scraps to spruce it up.

Do you remember these from the Garden Baby Shower?  My sister made them for decor and I took the ones that matched her room and hung them right up.  How's that for recycling!?

I think that sentimental touches are the best part of decorating.  This whole room is sentimental to me because it is just soooo fitting for her and makes me happy just to walk by it.  But one thing that makes her extra happy is this little collage of ballet pictures.  She is missing her cousin!

The painting on the wall is of her.  I made it the same way I made the "Guys on the Wall."
I will tell you more about it soon!

Oh, and I hang all of this with my tried and true method.  It prevents a million holes in the wall, since I change my mind a lot.  First I trace everything I'm going to hang on butcher paper.  Then I tape those pieces on the wall and I can easily play with spacing and move things around.

As soon as I like it, I measure how far down the nail will have to be, then nail right into the paper.  Then I place the picture on and it goes exactly where the paper was.  So now the paper can be torn right off and I have exactly what I want!

I have to say that decorating my kids rooms has been at the top of my favorite projects list.  It is so great to know that they love it, that it is functioning for them and that it is their special little place to be themselves... And that is the happy ending to the story of the big blank wall.

p.s.  Have you entered the cake stand giveaway yet?  They would be really cute in this room, because they are yellow.  But alas, I have already promised them to one of you!  Enter here!

I'm linking up to Today's Creative Blog and Skip to my Lou!

Dinosaur Cookies

There were plenty of dinosaur cookie cutters to buy online.  I even bought some.
But when I made them, They didn't impress me much.  They were a little too realistic.  I wanted my dinosaurs to be kind of cutesy.  So I ended up making my own paper template (like I did here) and cut out the vague shape with a knife.  The cookies don't end up exactly the same shape, but close enough that I can decorate using my projector and make them look pretty close.

I took these pictures before the color had already set completely.  Do you see how the feet are darker than the rest of the body.  The color deepens and takes a good day and a half to become it's final color.  Red ALWAYS does this and a few others too.  I guess I'll add parsley green (avocado and leaf green) to that list.  No need to panic like I did the first time.  I just plan enough time for it to do it's thing.

These dinosaurs were for a 4 year old girl.  So we had to girly up the t-rex (her favorite) with eyelashes (food writers) and glitter cheeks (pink luster dust).

But we need to talk about the fact, that I just can't stop doing scalloped edges and "wet on wet" polka-dots.  I experiment and try things different ways, but I always come back to this style.  It is always my favorite for a monogram, or number in this case.  Thank-you Bridget, I was inspired by you!

Yes, polka-dot and scalloped cookies are so cute, they are bound to become extinct...eaten!
(I'm sorry, sometimes I just can't resist the cheesiness)!

I'm linking to tatertots and jello and Be Different, Act Normal!
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