Nutcracker Cookies

Have you gone to see this little man?

My girls had the privilege of being in the Nutcracker again.  It makes for a really busy holiday season with two sets of practices and performances to keep up with.  And that is the reason why I didn't let my girls try out last year.  I just thought something had to give and told them we were taking a year off.  They almost didn't forgive me, but they were happy to be back in costume this year.  One as a "bonbon" and one as a "party girl."  They make it a really great experience for the kids who are in it.

They love hanging out backstage with friends, being very silly.

They love rubbing shoulders with their ballet heroes.  This is our fave dancer, Elease!

So of course I had to take the opportunity to make a Nutcracker cookie.  They gave them to their cast mates "stage-family."  I've thought about making these lots of times, but always wimped out.  This year I went for it!  Just made rectangular cookies and used my kopykcake for the black outline and filled in.  I ended up kind of disappointed because I kept thinking there was more I wanted to do.  I wanted to add disco dust, rosy cheeks and more detail in the hat and jacket...

But I was so busy doing a kajillion ringlets and buns and stage make-up, 
6 days in a row that I ran out of time for more cookie detail.  
I love my little men though.  They made a special gift! 

Even though it is quite a commitment with volunteer hours and lots of hours taxi-ing the kids around, it is really worth it.  There is something really magical about the Nutcracker, I cry a little every year at certain points in the show.  I can help it.  I can't describe it.  It's just magical.  Even my little guy will sit through it just to see the soldiers battle the rat king!

I hope you get to get dressed up with your little girls and see your local Nutcracker.  
Or if you can't, just make some Nutcracker cookies and call it good!


  1. LOVE your blog!! Added it to my Pulse. :) came over from eighteen25.

  2. Oh my goodness, those cookies are just perfect! You have an amazing eye for detail.

  3. Ur amazing, and I love you to death!!!

  4. Congratulations to your girls, they must have been so excited and they looked gorgeous.

    I love your nutcracker cookies! I made some recently and was not happy with the mouths or moustaches. I did do a bit of glitter on their hats, shoulder flashes and boots but it didn't help with their mouths ;) I should have made their teeth like you made the ones on yours.

  5. The cookies turned out amazing! I love the ringlets. I will be performing as Mother Ginger this weekend with my daughter. Yes, the rehearsals and performances make for a busy Christmas season - but isn't it worth it when you see your daughters perform?

  6. Aw how cute is she, the hair though, I would have died, so glad i have a boy at times like this. And your cookies are super cute.

  7. Wow! Love the cookies...and that hair!!

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