Wannabe Shark Pops

It had to go and end.  :(
Soccer is over for my little guy.  I really looked forward to my Saturdays when I could watch him run beside the ball.  (No, not in front of it).  But he was so darn cute out there.  We had a great first year of soccer and to celebrate the end, the boys needed a treat to go along with their shiny medal.

They named themselves the "blue sharks" at the beginning of the season.  And since I was totally over the shark cookies, I thought I'd try to make shark pops!

For a minute, I thought I was a sculptor.  After my recent pop successes I thought I could conquer the pop world!  So when my cake was soft, I made these.  Then chilled them.  Then put the sticks in and chilled them some more.

Then I started dipping.  And I looked at them.  And I thought... hmmmm.

Why do these look like fish?

My hubs pointed out that they were missing the fins on the sides.

Gahhh!  Darn pectoral fins!  No wonder!

I started to disassemble them when my husband made me stop.  It was really late and he insisted I sleep instead of correct my sharks' anatomy.  It was all I could do to heed his reasonable advice.

It was bugging me so bad!  I know they are 4 year old boys, but when it comes to my food sometimes, I get a little bit of the perfectionism bug.  The part of me that picks apart every flaw.  That nagging, disabling, perfectionism.

I thought I could get over it by adding some gummy sharks in the midst.  It helped a little.

The boys loved their treats for the 2 seconds before they were in their stomachs.  I realized it didn't matter.  Until I looked at the pictures.  It's bugging me again!

But in an effort to ditch my tendencies and accept my mistakes, I am sharing my
"pectoral fin-less, wannabe shark pops" with you.


  1. OMG I totally know how you feel! It is so hard to let stuff like that go, so maybe this will make you feel better: they are still fabulous!!

  2. I so understand. I did a sculpted tackle box cake once where the family said the big joke was the fisherman always needed bandaids, so make sure one was on the box. I forgot to dry it curved so when I added it to the top, it stuck straight out into open air. I was mortified. NONE of the guests noticed. We ARE our own worst critics!
    BTW, I didn't notice the finlessness until I read about it. I just thought, "WOW."

  3. LOL that is so funny! I would not have noticed either. Next time just stick on a big heart sprinkle or a chocolate chip and dip again. I think an extra layer of chocolate always makes things better:)

  4. My husband claims I have food rage when something doesn't look exactly the way I want it to. :) You did a fabulous job! :)

  5. That you went to all the trouble to create these is what counts, that and the fact that the boys gobbled them up in a flash. I think they are adorable.

  6. I understand how you feel. I usually have a picture of how something will turn out in my mind and when it doesn't come out that way I am so disapointed. And nobody else cares but me. I think that is why if I haven't gotten into the cookie decorating. I have 100 cookie cutters and all the other supplies but the one time I tried to decorate simple hearts they didn't come out very good.

  7. Isn't it nice knowing that your kids will always love you, finless shark pops and all. After watching what you come up with on here, you are never allowed to go to bed dissappointed. I am always amazed.

  8. I love the idea of blue sharks in the bucket pool :)

  9. oh my these are SOOOOO cute! I wish I would have seen this before I made my daughters 1st bday cake (oh it was a project I wish I hadn't started ha you know one of those?!?!) What a cute site you have here...I am your newest follower!




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