Twilight Baby Shower

Did you see the movie this weekend?

Well, I'm no superfan, but I like to embrace my inner teenager every so often and watch a sappy movie.

So I have this tradition (4 times running) with friends, that we have dinner together and then go to the midnight showing.  We regret our tired eyes the next day, but we have so much fun with any excuse to get together.  So I also have a friend who is having a December baby and insisted she didn't need a shower.  So I took the opportunity to turn this dinner into a surprise baby shower for her.  She knew she was coming to the dinner and movie, but didn't know it was her shower.  We embraced the twilight theme for the night.  She has a good sense of humor and could handle the silliness of her friends.

She could handle my silly newborn vampire cake pops!

I had fun with my halloween pops and knew I could turn them into "newborns" with red, blood thirsty eyes.  You know how newborns are...

When out of the ribbon color I need, I just cut a fabric scrap.  I laughed at myself when it reminded me of a Cullen-ish scarf.  You know how fashionable those cool kids are.

I tucked them in the place setting, complete with the coolest napkin ring around.

Yes, twilight black and red, along with baby blue (for my friend's baby) were the colors for the night.

I even busted out with my first movie poster ever.  Edward looked so serious, I had to make him say something cheesy.  Kathryn gave me this awesome line, "I may sparkle in the sunlight, but it's nothing compared to Leah's pregnancy glow!"  Lame and funny.  Perfect!

So the great thing about my friends is that everyone wants to help.  Literally, so many helpers, there's almost nothing left for the host to do.  I even had tell some people it was all assigned out!  So I wanted to show you how fun and creative my friends are as they embraced our silly shower theme.

My friend made fabulous invitations, inviting people to a shower for Leah and Bella.  We can't forget to celebrate Bella you guys.

Melissa gave me permission to share her fun decorations!  She brought in these huge chess pieces and I was dying that she made them!

I was dying even more when I looked up close and she told me she made them with paper plates, bowls, a burger king crown and other miscellaneous items.  I would've never guessed!  Creativity at it's best!

Then she hung this wreath on my door to greet the guests.  She made it from the pages of a Twilight book!  Don't get upset, you could still read the pages if you tried really hard.  Actually, maybe not.

She embellished with a few items taken straight from the book covers.  Melissa is killing me because she just had a baby AND busted out this fab decor.  I'm so impressed!

Another couple of friends did "bite" sized desserts with some raspberry sauce that they labeled as blood!  It was the BEST raspberry sauce I've had.  I must get the recipe!

And yet another creative genius friend made these vampire dinner mints.
Oooooo how I love a soft cream mint!  And in a custom design!  She used a candy mold!

I wish I had pictures of the favors that another friend put together.  They were popcorn and candy wrapped up for them to take to the movie!  Perfect to-go treat.  And did I mention she made yummy Italian Sodas (Volturi Style) to drink!

The list goes on with the help and fun this night was.  This post supposed to be about Twilight but I'm getting side tracked thinking about how awesome my friends are.  In the end, I think our guest of honor  was truly surprised and grateful for the fun!  She rolled with it and looked past our cheesy theme!

Kathryn is worried that when her baby looks at his baby book he is going to have lots of questions about why he had a vampire baby shower.  Sorry Leah, you can blame your silly friends!


  1. Your friend must have been blown away by all the wonderful ideas and thoughtfulness that went into her shower! Your cake pops are fantastic. I'm trying to figure out how you dip yours so perfectly.

  2. This is too funny! You guys are so clever. We love a unique shower theme, so I had to share this one on Facebook/Twitter. We should all be so lucky to have creative friends like this! So cute.

  3. I too laugh at myself for reading those silly books and going to the movies (I'm 55, for Pete's sake!) but I SO love your "cheesy" shower. How fun for everyone! If Stephanie M. only knew the things she's inspired...

  4. this is so much fun! I'm not a twihard, but I did read the books. Haven't seen any of the movies yet. I'm more excited for the Hunger Games movies. But I think I would go see the Twilight movie if I had a fun party like this to attend! Loved all the creative touches!!

  5. Hahahahaha this is the most awesome thing ever. I can't get over how creative you guys are!

  6. I think it is so awesome that so many of your friends are so super creative! Everything is so cute. What great ideas!

  7. What an awesome shower! I love how it was a surprise shower for her thinking that she was going to dinner and a movie. ha ha

    Everything looks great! You are a good friend!

    Take care.

    Did you like the movie?

  8. This makes me laugh. Kathryn was telling me about this at the park yesterday, but it is way more fun to see in pictures. You guys are just too creative. I love it!

  9. that is the coolest shower ever! I love all the little creative touches...awesome!

  10. Loved this shower and the cake pops were the most adorable things ever, but the raspberry sauce and the yummy dinner were also delish!!

  11. I have been dying to see photos, Kristy told me all about it the night before! You guys are seriously the best partiers!!!

  12. that is so funny! What fun friends.

  13. This is awesome! I love the cheesiness of it...perfectly cheesy just like the movie.
    and those chess pieces - WOW!

  14. I would love to know more about the giant chess pieces!! We are having a Twilight party in 2 weeks for my daughter's 11th birthday and would love to add those to our table setting! Any more information on what she used?


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