Matching Desserts

Remember how I like my kids' Halloween costumes to match?

Well, sometimes I like my food to match.  Cookies and cupcakes at a shower are like siblings on Halloween.  They look cute in coordinating looks.

I got to make these for a long time friend and the request was to include onesies and flowers.
(Cupcake toppers are fondant with white royal icing accents).

Different enough to add variety, but matching enough to satisfy my "theme love."

I wish I had a picture of the adorable banner my friend made.  It was adorable.  Because it matched.


  1. Great post.

  2. What a cute idea for the arrival of a new baby and as usual, your work is impeccable!

  3. Everything in this post is so sweet!

  4. Loved them. I'm so glad you got some pictures in the daylight because mine were all dark and weird. The great thing about your stuff is that not only were they cute, but they tasted so good too!!! Thanks again Ashleigh. You're the best!!!


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