Silhouette Cookies

The problem is that we just can't stop.

Callye (Sweet Sugar Belle) and I are soooooo inspired by pinterest that we have a long list of cookie inspiration.  I'm sure those of you who have been on "pinterest inspiration overload" can relate.

So my latest inspirations are silhouettes.
Take a look at all of these Silhouettes on Pinterest.

You've seen basic, generic silhouettes.  Like this random old lady.

But what I love about the crafters in blogland and on pinterest, is that they are making silhouettes of their own children into beautiful home decor!   Nie Nie's silhouettes were the first ones I remember noticing, back in 2008 or so when I became addicted to her style, story and blog.   So, naturally, I wanted to make silhouettes of my children into cookies!

The first thing I did was to take a profile picture of my kids.  They were horrible quality pictures, but it didn't matter for these purposes!  I printed them out in a 2.5 inch size.
Then I took my cookies that were ready with a base layer that had dried 24 hours.  You can refer to this post for details on that.

I cut out those little pictures and placed them on my cookie.

You can decide which way you want the silhouette to face.

Then I simply traced an outline with an edible ink pen and colored it in.

But I didn't really like that you could see brush strokes.  Maybe my pens are low on ink, but I prefer the raised look of using icing for the silhouette anyway.  So you can just outline and then fill in with icing.

I found that it's a little harder, even with a #1 tip to get their little profiles as exact with icing.  In fact, when I told my son that this cookie was of him, he denied it was him.  Then in further discussion, he busted out with a perfect movie quote from Tangled.  He said, "they just can't get my nose right!"  I was dying of hysterics!  My four year old has great comedic timing, which makes me even prouder than silhouette cookies.  Anyway, I added a little dotty border because I'm addicted to this border right now.

With Halloween around the corner, I've seen silhouettes used in a cute and spooky way!  I made a few trick-or-treater silhouette cookies here.

These were made by simply putting the picture into my kopykake projector.  It just helped me skip the step of cutting out and tracing.  These are just internet graphics, but these would be so cute if you actually made one of your kids in their costume from years past.  Now I know how to pose my kids in such a way that they will make cute silhouette costume pictures for next year.  Done.
Karen's cookies made some darling halloween silhouette cookies too that are even more detailed!

Now you have to go over to the Adventures of Sweet Sugar Belle and swoon over Callye's Sunburst cookies.  Sunbursts are all the rage you know.  And they are about to be your favorite cookie too!
Sunburst Cookies
This is the latest in our series.  Check out our previous cookies here:
Pinterest Inspired Cookies


  1. These are SO beautiful! My cookie boards on Pinterest are becoming a shrine to you and SugarBelle! :)

  2. They look fantastic Im definately going to give them a go (",)

  3. These are some of the most beautifully done silhouette cookies I've seen. Thank you for the tutorial!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  4. Your silhouette cookies are streamline and stunning! I think I just may attempt some.
    Had to chuckle at your son's comment:)

  5. These turned out so beautiful! Your kids are way cuter than random lady silhouette! I miss those kids! You and Callye are amazing!

  6. Your children's silhouettes are lovely and your Halloween ones are cute and fun.

    P.S. Your two kids are very cute too :)

  7. I love the cookies. Great Idea. Do you have a royal icing recipe you like to use?

  8. Your cookies are gorgeous but unpinnable :(. Just love them though - will definately be trying this project. Fabulous work - thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work.

  9. This is so cool! I wish I could share it on Pinterest (especially since you talk about your own inspiration coming from Pinterest), but your blog doesn't allow it. Why is this?

  10. Wow, I just read my previous comment, and realized how rude it sounds. I mean nothing by it; I'm just curious as to why it's not allowed. This is one of the coolest cookie tutorials I have seen! :)

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