Vintage/Modern Wedding

Wait, is that allowed? Can you pull off not thrift store, not your grandmothers, not get out the moth ball vintage? But fresh, awesome, modern, makes me hate my wedding vintage?

Can you DIY it and still have it look elegant and romantic?

If you are my sister-in-law and nieces, yes you can!!


This is my darling niece, Kristen, and her hubby Keith. If you can't tell they are cute as buttons from just their torsos, here' s the rest of them. I kind of wanna put them in my pocket, they are so darn cute!


Kristen MADE all of these bouquets and she never found a tutorial so she just jumped right in and made it the way she wanted to.


And the boutonnieres. Seriously, stop it.


And don't even get me started on the endless photography talents of my niece, Shandi (Kristen's sister) of Shandi Marie Photography. All of the beautiful pictures in this post are thanks to her and she designs the most extraordinary invitations with her photography.


And if you haven't fainted from awesome overload yet, you might want to sit down. Ashleigh and Michiko catered the wedding! I can brag about them because I tasted everything (more than once) and I couldn't even pick a favorite. It was mouth-watering amazingness! Savory meatballs, Creamy pesto ravioli, Lemon Garlic Shrimp, Bacon-wrapped Smokies, and Tri-tip skewers with Chimichurri sauce which I might want to marry, no offense dear husband :)


And did I mention too pretty to eat? Cake pops with disco dust, Chocolate covered strawberries, Mini cheesecakes with three different toppings, and you are all well aware of the beautiful cookies Miss Ashleigh comes up with.


And, do you see those signs on stands to label the food? Made. By. Ashleigh. She needs to do a post and tutorial immediately if not sooner on those cuties!


Cake? Gorg! We can't take credit for it but it succeeded in vintage modern so it was invited to the blog post.


The girls gathered all sorts of vintage treasure for the centerpieces. Half the tables had vases with branches and half had vases with fresh flowers mixed in to the treasures.


Everywhere you looked there were little details like these chandeliers just hanging from trees. (And a life sized cardboard cut out of their brother who is on a mission in the Dominican Republic. Hilarious! ) I loved the bridesmaids dresses which they happened to find at the mall. Since those two cute nieces on the left are only 17 and 15 they wanted a bit more coverage for the strapless dresses. They used the lining of the bottom of the dress to make a shrug that exactly matched the dress! Very clever girls!


Thanks for letting me brag a bit about some of my favorite people and their talents. I loved every bit of this wedding and I have a feeling there is a very happily ever after in store for these two.



  1. ...and they lived happily ever after!

  2. wow everything about this is just...breathtakingly beautiful. Lots of talented crafty people! =] and Congrats to the lovely couple!

  3. Everything in this blog post is perfection-the photography, the crafts, the food, the couple. GORGEOUS!!!

  4. totally makes me hate my wedding too. beautiful.

  5. this is very beautiful and you do have a very talented family and they are cute!

  6. It was an awesome wedding, and totally made me wish I could re-do mine! The food was soooo yummy. I wish Ashleigh could cook for me every day! She has one lucky family! I agree about Shandi's announcements -- they were probably the best announcements I've ever received. A perfect wedding, now we have to be jealous of those girls not only because of how gorgeous they are but how creative and talented they are!

  7. it is awesomely beautiful (and yes lots of tutorials needed)

  8. Aww you guys make me blush! Thank you so much I am so happy with the way it turned out and that everyone enjoyed themselves. So happy with my choice of caterer and photographer! It wouldn't have been so great without them!

  9. Super, super cute! Love it all--and the photography captured it all so well. Amazingly talented family!

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  11. so beautiful!!! Man I am loving your cake stands!!! If you ever decide to make and sell them, please let me know :)

  12. What a beautiful wedding!! Those cakes and cookies look too good to eat! A lot of talent in your family for sure!!

  13. Oh how I wish I was on this guest list ;) Looks like a fab party... great details! Congrats!

  14. I have a question on where you got the invitations printed. If you could so kindly email me at 88kelseypete (at) gmail (dot) com. I would REALLY appreciate it!

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