Cupcake Topper Cookies

....And we're back!

Callye and I just can't get enough of pinterest inspired cookies, so we decided to keep it going and post more whenever the mood strikes, or whenever pinterest strikes our interest!

So, I'm sure you've seen plenty of darling parties with darling cupcakes!  And lots of the darling cupcakes out there in blogworld have a cupcake topper in them!  I know there are lots of fun shops that sell printable versions, one of my favorites being TomKat Studio.  But my job here was to take that inspiration and translate it into a cookie!

These were my back to school cupcakes with cookie toppers!

So I simply made the topper out of a cookie, instead of paper.  I used a 1 3/4 inch scalloped circle cutter.  I make sure to roll the dough a little thicker when I'm going to put a stick in.  Also, make sure the dough is nice and cold.  This way it won't get all warped as you push the stick in.

I bake them on silpats (nonstick pan liners) with the stick right in!  I also remember to bake for less time than usual.  These small little cookies cook pretty fast and we still want them to be soft.

After they've cooled, you can frost a circle and let dry.  I did the inner circles and outer edge with "10 second icing."  See this post if you need an explanation on that.

I did the border by first piping a circle so I have a clean inner edge.

Then I essentially make dots on the little scallops and blend with a toothpick.
{Can you please pretend I didn't forget to pop the bubbles in this white icing?  Thanks!}

So, just as the possibilities for paper toppers are endless, so are the cookie possibilities.
These were so easy.  After I did the base and border, I took my edible ink pen and made red laces to turn them into baseballs.

A simple monogram would be fabulous for a birthday or shower!

Cupcake toppers can be very girly, but also very cute for boy parties.
I was thinking of a pirate party when I made these!

This time of year you might be inspired to make some Halloween toppers.  I had a little disaster with my Halloween set.  I had a candy corn, witch hat and a bat but water ruined them.  {Lesson learned: Move the cookies far away from the sink when you do dishes.  You might splash!}

This little treat may be the best of both worlds.  A small bite of cake and cookie!  No one's going to complain about the extra treat!

Pinterest Inspired Cookies

Callye has some fun pinterest inspired cookies today too!
Go check out her Subway Art Cookies on Sweet Sugar Belle!


  1. These are all adorable! I have actually THOUGHT of doing cookie cupcake toppers, but you actually did! Bravo for you!

  2. Same here--Bravo! Much better than the cardboard decorations on a stick : )

  3. So cute and original. Love the pirates.

  4. They are so cute, lovin' your pinterest segment with Callye :) you both are so creative!

  5. These are so cute and the possibilities are endless!

  6. I love this idea! I've been wanting to make cookie pops for a while, and this is the perfect excuse. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Are you sure it was a 1 1/4" cutter? Looking at mine, I'm thinking it was more like 1 3/4". Could you doublecheck? I love these and am thinking of doing them for my son's birthday.

  8. AnnieB- you're right! Thanks for pointing out that typo! I corrected it in the post! I used a 1 3/4" cutter!

  9. Ashleigh - thanks for clarifying! Another question: any suggestion for keeping the detail in cookies. I used the scalloped cutter and baked them direct from the freezer and they still spread a bit and lost their sharp scallop. Any suggestions?

  10. Yes, I have the same question as Annie B. I made the cookie pops last night. They looked just like yours before I baked them, but then they just spread into circles. Still cute, but lost the detail...


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