Sunshine Wall

This is the story of the big blank wall above my daughter's dresser.  Well it was blank for a few months after I finished her bedding.  That crafting with the stars contest really wore me out!
{sidenote: I apologize for the poor pictures in this post.  I'm having camera issues}

Last fall, I shared my daughter's sunshine bedding with you.  In this post I shared the quilt and I explained that I chose a sunshine theme for her room, to match her happy disposition.   I also shared tutorials on how I made the pillows in this post.  

Throughout the year, I have been adding things to her blank wall and I thought I'd share them with you.
I made some fabric flowers with my leftover scraps.  There are so many tutorials for fabric flowers, it was hard to choose which style to do, but I went with inspiration from Chris.

They sit on a shelf that was in her room before.  It was white, but now it is a happy sun yellow!  And of course she has this mailbox from Target up there too.  She says she keeps her important stuff there.

And just like the sun on the other wall in the room, this little cloud is just something that I cut out of wood scraps.  Okay, my husband helps me a lot in this category.  I tend to exaggerate my power tool skills.  But really, I love the simplicity of a chunky wood accessory that is custom made for a space.

You just need to pick up some of these things in your craft store framing department and your scrap wood can become wall art!  And right now I'm admitting that I didn't paint the back. Insert wonky face :/

And this is just something I made in photoshop.  There are a bazillion cute "you are my sunshine" printables out there.  And here is one more....  I'm super good at sharing now thanks to
{If you want to download this print, click here}

The lamp is from Target.  They had the perfect shade of pink.  I added some fabric scraps to spruce it up.

Do you remember these from the Garden Baby Shower?  My sister made them for decor and I took the ones that matched her room and hung them right up.  How's that for recycling!?

I think that sentimental touches are the best part of decorating.  This whole room is sentimental to me because it is just soooo fitting for her and makes me happy just to walk by it.  But one thing that makes her extra happy is this little collage of ballet pictures.  She is missing her cousin!

The painting on the wall is of her.  I made it the same way I made the "Guys on the Wall."
I will tell you more about it soon!

Oh, and I hang all of this with my tried and true method.  It prevents a million holes in the wall, since I change my mind a lot.  First I trace everything I'm going to hang on butcher paper.  Then I tape those pieces on the wall and I can easily play with spacing and move things around.

As soon as I like it, I measure how far down the nail will have to be, then nail right into the paper.  Then I place the picture on and it goes exactly where the paper was.  So now the paper can be torn right off and I have exactly what I want!

I have to say that decorating my kids rooms has been at the top of my favorite projects list.  It is so great to know that they love it, that it is functioning for them and that it is their special little place to be themselves... And that is the happy ending to the story of the big blank wall.

p.s.  Have you entered the cake stand giveaway yet?  They would be really cute in this room, because they are yellow.  But alas, I have already promised them to one of you!  Enter here!

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  1. I love how you tied everything together and kept to a theme. Beautiful room that I know must be appreciated!

  2. I've loved that bedding since you first posted it. Everything goes so perfectly. I especially love your painting.

  3. Such a beatuiful room!!

    My girls share and I need to decorate it, but I'm procrastinating. Mainly because I'm so blah on ideas. But you gave me some pointers!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a happy place to grow up in! The flowers are fabulous. :)

  5. Cute room! I love the sun! Did you cut that out of MDF too?

  6. I love everything about this room and I especially love little miss that sleeps there. She really is a sunshine! The happiest kid you'll ever meet. I thought I ordered that kid :)

  7. I just found this and love it! I've added it to the inspiration board for the room our toddler and baby will share. The colors are so fun...I love it!

  8. This is adorable! Did you make the sun with a jigsaw too?

  9. So cute! I really love this collection. Also, I love that wall color!! Have you shared the paint color? I'm in the middle of doing my daughter's room, and this is just the color I was thinking of for the top of her wall (above the wainscoting). I'd be so grateful if you would share the color (or point me to the post where you did already if you did!) :-)


  10. Oh my! I am drooling. This is just fabulously adorable. Great job!

    A Pop of Pretty

  11. That is just about the cutest room ever!!! :) I just happened upon your blog, what a treat.

  12. Love the bedding! DId you make it or buy it?

  13. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing knowledge with us. Really your blog is very contains unique information.


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