Bee Cookies

Lately, I started feeling as though it was a little wrong that I hadn't ever posted a bee cookie.

After all, our blog is called "bee in our bonnet" and the most common project I do is sugar cookies!

It just seems as if our blog needs a mascot of sorts.  A bee cookie will do!  But I couldn't decide on just one.  And I still can't decide.  So head on over to somewhat simple where I am posting my bee cookies today.  And feel free to tell me which one is your favorite!  Here is a sneak peak...

But "bee" sure to click over and see what else is buzzing around on somewhat simple!


  1. Yummy cake, I sure it is chocolate cake. I also cook cake with zig zag borders on my birthday, but it was strawberry cake. you remind my old days.
    flash bellek


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