Breaking Up With Fondant

I'm breaking up with fondant.

It wasn't a very long or serious relationship.  And maybe if I would have put more time into it and made it a priority, it could've been so much more.  It's just each time we spend time together, I end up frustrated or mad.  It's not a healthy relationship, and it's an expensive one, at that!  Fondant is supposed to yield perfect results, but it just gives me wrinkles and bumps.

From afar, this recent cake adventure looks good.  And my friend was so kind to say that it was great.
But it was buckling a little on the sides.  Then fondant was sagging away from the butter cream.  I don't know if it was the 105 degree weather, or if it's just that fondant is mean to me.

I thought the bow and stars turned out pretty good, not perfect but good.

I start thinking things are okay with fondant and I, then I look and see how fondant is around other girls.
Like Jessicakes!  Seriously!  Her cakes are crazy amazing!  (Thanks Nina for showing me her site)

I'm not ruling out the possibility of us getting back together.  It's just that I need to learn a lot before I can deal with our relationship and how you are.

Sorry fondant, no hard feelings.  It's not you, it's me...


  1. Wow, I think that cake looks amazing. You two shouldnt break up, clearly you are too hard on yourself! It looks lovely, please give fondant another chance LOL

  2. I don't know why y'all would break up... you have such a good relationship with it!

  3. Looks good to me -- I have a tough relationship with it too since most fondant cakes people make look perfect, but I am not fond of the taste. Your bow looks fantastic. Joni

  4. My cousin is not terribly fond of fondant. He doesn't like, in his words, having to skin his cake before eating it. LOL I told him if I made him a cake it would just be with good ole buttercream.

  5. I've had a similar relationship with fondant--is there a support group for us :-D!

  6. Fondant and I have had our ups and downs over the years (mostly down) and I've learned that we can be "friends with benefits" but no more...

    Meaning of course that I can use it for accents, but never, ever to cover an entire cake again... ESPECIALLY in this heat!!!

    I was actually quite pleased with the last cake I made (Yipes, for a wedding nonetheless) where I used fondant sparingly and just put on LAYERS of buttercream until I had a reasonably smooth cake to work with :)

  7. Susan! When and where is that support group?

    Tonya! That is the best idea ever, "friends with benefits!" I may have broken things off too harshly. I just needed a little time to cool down. I think fondant accents are totally where it's at! Thanks for the advice. And I want to see your cake!

  8. Ashleigh, you crack me up with the whole...

    "Sorry fondant, no hard feelings. It's not you, it's me..."

    Fondant to me looks like it would be very difficult to handle, but your cake is beautiful!!

    Tonya's idea with fondant accents is brilliant. Your bow and ribbon was perfect!!

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  10. I would say your cake is amazing. You are way to hard on yourself. The 105 degree weather would hurt any cake. What I wouldn't give to have your piping skills.

  11. hahahahah!! I totally LOVED reading this post! I got quite a chuckle out of how you wrote it like a relationship!! So entertaining!

    I think your cake looks GREAT!!

  12. Your posts totally crack me up! And this actually made me laugh out loud. I completely understand your love-hate relationship with fondant! Thanks for making me giggle. ;)

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will no longer feel guilty for my recent breakup with fondant. My youngest sister wanted a 3 layer, all, real, all fondant wedding cake. (16 inch bottom layer) After spending 21 straight hours on it, I ended up raiding walmart's bakery freezer(at 3 in the morning) buying premade layers and using good old buttercream. Thanks again!

  14. LOL Thanks for the late night laugh. Such a creative post. :)

  15. I've had issues with fondant 2, but then I have with buttercream also. I wanna get a nice smoothness to the outside of my cakes, but it is a struggle, i'm gunna keep trying. I eventually mastered the fondant roses, gotta just keep trying.

    The cake looks gd tho by the way.


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