How I Feel...

Can I tell you how I feel?

This is me right now.

So here's the bad news:  My sister, Kathryn, is moving away.

Right now we live about 5 minutes away from each other.  We have many of the same friends, our kids do many of the same activities, we rely on each other for childcare, we talk daily, we lunch often, we carpool, our husbands are friends, our kids are "besties," we plan parties together, we craft together, and the list goes on..... and on.....

But her husband has been commuting a long way, for a long time, so they decided they should consider moving closer to his job.

This was how I felt.  Immediately, shocked and choked up.  Lump in the throat, tears coming to my eyes...  but I tried to push past it and be as supportive as I could.

You see, in the past, I haven't done so well.

Let me share a tidbit from the growing up years:

When Kathryn announced her engagement, I stormed out of the room crying.
(Granted I was in junior high, and was even more over-dramatic than I am now.)

But I was sure that my sister was leaving me, and that things would never be the same with her leaving home.  Yes, I should've been happy for her, but instead I wallowed in my own self-pity.  Sad, but true.  Her husband (then fiance) tried to compensate for stealing my sister by buying me a VHS copy of Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  It kind of worked.  

I got excited about being the maid of honor and getting my nails done, so I perked up.  I was back to being a happy teenager.  True story.

I tell this to you, mostly because it's funny, but also, because it reminds me not to act like an idiot and feel sorry for myself just because my sister is moving away.  Her family is on to wonderful things, and I am truly happy for them.  So only happy tears are allowed from now on.

Happy tears because:
-I have been blessed to have a sister that has provided a wonderful example to me, my whole life.
-Since losing my mom at a young age, she has been the cheerleader I've needed.
-I'm lucky to have a sister who has always been willing to drop anything to help me.
-She has always been there for me and has helped me survive my hardest trials.
-She laughs at my jokes and thinks I'm as funny as I think I am.
-She sticks up for me and brings out the positive side of me.
-She will only be a phone call away and a few hours away.

Yes, I will survive this.

I think.

I may have momentary bouts of sadness, when I miss hanging out and feel lonely.
(And maybe not get out of my pajamas all day because I'm reverting to my junior high ways, self-pity).

But then I will look on this here blog, and see that she has posted her latest home project, and I will be so exited for the next visit!  Yes, this blog will now serve as a way for my sister and I to keep in touch, as well as a way for us to share our projects with all of you!  That makes me happy!

So why the emoticons, you say?  Well, I thought it would make my sob story more interesting.
And because I'm an emoticon addict.  If you've ever texted me, you know that I am a big fan of my emoji app and it's just plain fun to speak in pictures.  So I ventured to make some emoticon sugar cookies, just for fun!

I used luster dust to shade the cheeks.  It was my first time doing this on royal icing and it worked really well.  Whew, you finally learned something useful in this post.

Now we can all end on a happy note!

p.s.  Love you sis!

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  1. aww... that was a sweet post. I think the cookies look great and I hope that this move will be wonderful for you both. I am sure it will be hard but there are ways to keep in touch and make the distance bearable. My brother (who is in another country) and I skype all the time. Good luck to you both.

  2. I'm sorry your sis will be further away...but we live at such a great time to stay in touch. It will be fun to watch your relationship continue through your blog.

  3. I live in Missouri and my sisters lives in Utah, we love using our blogs to stay abreast on our families latest! It is hard to be apart, but the internet does make it better! We also like to Skype.
    On another note, your blog is my new favorite! I shared it with my sisters and they love it too! Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  4. Those are great cookie! Sorry to hear about your sister. I am sure it will all workout. As for being an emotional teenage at 14 I cried for days when I heard my big brother was having a kid. I was sure it was going to change everything and it did, just not bad like I thought. Anyhow, I can totally relate with you on the self pity instead of happiness that would be appropriate.

  5. Love you both so much. You've both been on my mind a lot the last few weeks :) Ash, was this a strategic post with Kathryn gone to camp? ;) And when can I stop by for some tear cookies cause now you've got me crying too :) My guess is that our reading eyes will only benefit from you sisters who will be so excited to see each others fun projects! Can't wait!!

  6. Now I'M tearing up!! That's the sweetest thing! You two are so great together! It reminds me of the relationship I have with my sister. You'll survive (begrudgingly as I have)... you'll look back on these years with fond memories... and if you ever get too lonely you know you have a great circle of friends that love you like a sister too!!

  7. Such a cute way to express your feelings.

    Sorry to hear your sister will be moving away from you, but at least its still in the same state and not too far, right if he's able to commute everyday. So a road trip to spend a weekend would be a blast for all!!

    Take care!

  8. Allison, I think this was strategic while I was gone to girls camp for the week. And, then I read it right before I went to church for my last Sunday when hubby got released from Bishopric, and it started a whole mess of tears that was completely out of control. So, now that the tears have cleared (for the moment) I can type. Thanks for the sweet post, Ash! But for the record, my immature childhood moments were when Ashleigh would copy me and I would whine to mom. Now, I copy Ashleigh all the time. She switched to 12X12 scrapbooking, got a Mac, got a digital SLR, got an iPhone and liked Joshua Radin all first. Once I saw how genius all those were, I copied her. And, I copy her ideas from our blog all the time. She's a fabulous mom and homemaker and an even more fabulous sister. Love you, too!

  9. these are too funny and beautiful, very inspirational!

  10. Love this post!!! Love you guys. ;)

  11. I can relate. My twin went to college 3 hours away from me, fell in love, and never moved back. Thank god for the internet!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  12. These cookies are darling and I like the way they told your story:) I know how you feel...2/3 of my children(& grandchildren) live a 7 hour+ drive away:(

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  14. WOW, this cookies collection are wonderful.

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