Ladybug Party with Katie

Are you ready for some serious cuteness?

I'm so excited to tell you about my friend Katie.  She and I have been good friends since 2nd grade.  We've been though it all together: 80's bangs, perms, braces, middle school, years of cheerleading, ASB, EFY, and now parenting and parties.  Katie has a creative talent that I have been leeching off of for years.  We used to make creative quotes and handouts to give out at EFY.  We made many a "dot-lettered" signs for football games and dances back in the day.  But these days I just drool over her home (which looks more like a model home), gawk at her scrapbook pages and DIE over her adorable parties.  

So when I got her most recent invitation...
invitation her daughter's first birthday, I knew I had to take notes and ask to share it with the blogosphere!  Thanks for letting us take a peek, Katie!

She asked to borrow my cake stands which were already red, from Christmas and Valentine's.  (See how I made them here).  I was so excited for her to use them because that means they are cool.  Katie only uses cool things!

The birthday girl was the star of the show!  Katie made her tutu and wings.  The leggings are killing me!

She wasn't the only one dressed up!  Look at the high-chair!

It is all ready for the main event...the cake eating!
cake time

She made the cutest banner that had a picture of her from each month of her first year.

The activities and games planned were perfect because they entertained the whole age range of kids that were there.  There wasn't a dull moment.

1- They played parachute and bounced the ladybugs around.  Katie made these out of loofahs!  
2- There was an easel set up where they could paint a ladybug.
3- There was a jewelry making station complete with ladybug beads.  
4- She spray-painted a million beans to camoflage some plastic ladybugs that were about the size of a quarter.  They could dig and dig with their ladybug shovels until they found them!
5- The kids had a blast pushing each other around in this!
6- Bubbles are always a hit!


My kids' favorite part was the real ladybug hunt.  Katie made adorable bug catchers and bought real ladybugs at the local hardware store (gardening department).  I thought they might all fly away after the lid came off, but most of them didn't go too far.  The kids gathered round as they crawled all over them and managed to get several in their jars.  They sat there, still finding for about 15 minutes!
catching ladybugs

Katie puts a finishing touch on every little detail.  She really thinks of everything and ties it all in.  Let me show you what I mean...
1- Adorable water bottle labels, coordinating table tops.
2- The matching bins of water, tied with polka dots!
3- The banners were darling, but look what they were tied up with!  Coordinating ribbon and ric rac!
4- Ladybug napkins.
5- A matching bracelet for the star of the show.
6- Ladybug bubbles that the kids blew at her right after the "happy birthday" song.
little touches

Katie asked me to help her with the food.  This was probably the most flattered and intimidated I've ever been, because her party food is always perfect!  Katie knew exactly what she wanted and I tried to deliver.  She made the cute cupcake toppers and I made some cupcakes.

She wanted chocolate covered pretzels made to look like ladybugs.  They turned out pretty fun!

She also wanted some black and red cake pops.  Some were ladybugs and some just had a drizzle.
cake pops

And she gave me a picture (source unknown) of some cookies to make.  I later found that the original designer of this style is here at this etsy shop.  If you're in the market for ordering some, contact their shop!

I made the little ladybugs as "floodwork" on parchment and transfered them once they dried.  I did a big red dot, then while it was wet, a black dot for the head.  They melded together.  Then when they were dry, I drew the line and small dots with an edible ink pen.  They were so little (and crunchy) it was almost a little too much like eating a real ladybug!
cookie 2

She put some of the big ladybug cookies in these bug catchers (with easter grass) as the favors.
To die for, I tell ya!

I actually did a ladybug party for my (now 10 year old) daughter's first birthday.  It was nothing like this, yet Katie asked me details about it.  I showed her my vellum invitation and she was kind not to laugh.  Anyway though, no matter how you do it, "ladybugs" is a really fun party theme and I'm sure some of you out there will be inspired to try it out.

Thanks again Katie, for allowing me to share your wonderful party ideas!

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  1. This is too awesome for words!!! Totally right up my alley!!!
    Would you be willing to link this up for Fun-day Friday??? This is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for ... and I'm trying to get this link party going!!! :-)
    I'd love it, if you'd be willing!
    Thanks a bunch!
    ~Bec :-)

  2. What great work. I especially love the little ladybugs made with roayl icing -- well, I love the whole thing. Joni

  3. Oh, what a wonderful party. This is one of those times where I just have to admire, and admit that parties like this are not what I enjoy...and not feel guilty that I don't do parties like this for my kids.

  4. How cute is all of that! I love it when people share their parties. So much fun!

  5. The invitations, activities, food, favors -- love it all! Seriously, one of the most clever and original ladybug parties I've seen.

  6. So Adorable, love all the details! The ladybug pretzels are precious!

    I'm your newest follower, I would love for you to stop by sometime!

    Warm Wishes,

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  8. Thank you so much for linking this up! I just featured your post on LLL ... I hope you don't mind! :-)
    I think there's going to be a whole lotta ladybug birthday parties happening as a result of this awesome party!
    Thanks again!
    ~Bec :-)

  9. awesome! you are talented lady,love all the food you made for your friend. great job!

  10. Oh my goodness!!! this is a gorgeous party!!! you did awesome!! would love to featured you on my blog. If you are ok with this, please email me at Where did you find those red stands??hmmmm LOVE them!! ~nancy~

  11. How fun! I didn't realize you and Katie have known each other that long! I wish I had a friend from 2nd grade! And, I never realized how talented Katie was! That party is amazing!! SO I have 11 months to plan this party for Rachel's first... I better start getting things ready!! Seriously! AND I love your additions! pretzels, pops, cookies! SO cute!!

  12. Adorable! Love all the activities. Your cake stands were perfect!

  13. Easily the cutest party ever .. Makes me want to find a cute little one and host a ladybug party!!

  14. I am so loving this!! Makes me sad my little ones birthday is in December so I can't do an outside party. This is soooo adorable though!

  15. I am blown AWAY by the cuteness of this party! BLOWN AWAY!!!

  16. The Party looks adorable! The cake pops look FAB ;)

  17. AMAZING!! I can still picture signs you girls would have from cheerleading and how perfect you girls always looked!! What a fun party and I would almost hate anyone to touch anything cuz it was all so perfect! I can't believe her girl is one now! Thats awesome!

  18. Katie is OOC!! Love every bit and piece of this party!!

  19. Katie did an amazing job! I would love to feature the party on my blog if you (and Katie?) are interested! She does have quite the talent! I don't even want to know how much time she put into this amazing party.

    Please let me know if you are interested -

    Thank You!

  20. Love all the ladybug stuff! How did your friend make those little mini-bug nets? And where did she get the bug jars?

  21. I popped over to look at your chocolate cups, and died with delight over this ultra-cute lady bug party! Is it bad to throw a lady bug party for a boy?! Katie and you are an amazing duo! One stop shop, for all your party planning and catering needs! :) Great job you two!

    Ok, back to the chocolate cups - I hope I don't get sidetracked by more cuteness! (I probably will.)

  22. I am always the one my friends say they wish they could emulate when they plan parties... I am planning a ladybug party for my little one's first in only 2 weeks, and your friend makes me look like an amateur!! I *love* all the details, she did SUCH an amazing job... alright, I have 2 weeks to try and copy as much as possible... hahahaha....

  23. Love the ladybug theme. Just want to know - where can I get the recipes for the biscuits, cupcakes, and the black and red pretzels and cake pops. xxx

  24. What an adorable party! Especially love the pretzels and the pops! So many great details!

  25. The pretzels are awesome! What a great idea!

  26. I am loving this party. I too, had a ladybug 1st birthday party for my now 10 year old. I had headbands made from pipe cleaners and stryofoam balls, and poster board ladybugs. Nothing like th ladybug amazingness that wa featured here. I wonder if I can talk my daughter into having another ladybug party for her 11th.. LOL!!

  27. I absolutely ADORE this party! Thanks for sharing. I just featured this post, along with those cute ladybug pretzels, on my blog today. Here is the link:

    Thanks for inspiring!!

  28. This is AMAZING. Not only her party ideas, but your cupcakes and the little candy ladybugs are adorable!!!! I just found you through pinterest and am totally going through your blog.

  29. This is truly amazing! I love doing up theme parties for my son, but I have NOT gotten to a level that looks so professional and amazing as this one! WOW.

  30. LOVE the party! Katie in her costume is the cutest little girl EVER! Great ideas and great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Love the party, especially the cute invitation. I featured it on my party site:


  32. Wondering if she made or bought that awesome red thing the kids pushed eachother around in? and if she bought it where at!? We are having a ladybug party for our little lady this year and this would be awesome!!! Thanks

  33. Details, details, details... you did an AMAZING job. I'd love to see this copied at a library, bookstore, or school that was having the Ladybug Girl character from visit their event. Again, simply an amazing job!

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  35. WOW... you know how to throw a ladybug party. We also have wonderful ladybug tissue and gift wrap at along with other ladybug party items. Again, what wonderful detail.

  36. Hi =) I just came across your cookies on Pinterest and wanted you to know that your unknown source is ME!!! I love how your cookies and the whole party came out. These are one of my best sellers at my Etsy shop.

    Enjoy your party celebrations.

  37. Hi. Were the invitations DIY or purchased? Please advise.

    1. The invitations were handmade by Katie! She used her cricut to help!

  38. This party is the perfect inspiration for my own Katie"bug" party. Do you know where she found the mini bug nets?

    1. I believe they were from the dollar store. (dollar tree)

  39. Master eork there!!! Awesoom!! :3

  40. Absolutely gorgeous party. Those cake pops and cookies are amazing. Too good to eat!!

  41. i was wondering if you could tell me how you made the pretzels? they look awesome and i would like to use the idea for my daughters birthday party :)

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