Father's Day Cookies

Are you getting your man a big screen TV for Father's Day?

I'm just going to give mine the remote.  I hope it will do.  
At least it will solve that age old question, "Does anyone know where the remote is?"

I'm sharing my cookies on somewhat simple.  
And you can get the instructions on how to make this remote control cookie, here!  

Or you can just stick with some good old ties.  Ties will do too!

I also included a few tips on making any type of custom cookie you want.  
(Just in case remotes aren't your "thing")


  1. Wow, simply amazing. Your cookies are just such a treat for the eye ... let alone the palate (well in my imagination anyway). I don't know how you do it. How did you get the little numbers, etc. on the buttons? I really enjoy seeing what sweet treat you've cooked up lately.

  2. That remote is AMAZING! Surely there is some cookie contest somewhere that it just won.

  3. you are amazing. I've loved seeing your talent multiply over time.

  4. Out of control!!!! In a very good way! Everytime I think you've outdone yourself, you out do yourself!!!

  5. What a awesome idea! Love it! veryy cute!


  6. You are an amazing cookie icer :-D! Heck, I'd love a remote for the day too. XOXO

  7. The remote control cookie is cute. What a fun idea!

  8. I am SO using this idea for Father's Day this year... it will be a HUGE improvement over last year when I was away at my class reunion and he had to drive a few hours to the airport to pick me up after having the kids to himself all weekend...

    okay, maybe I'd better do the remote AND a TV (the cookie version of course... we don't need another REAL one)

  9. Literally had to take a second look to make sure it was a cookie! Jealous again of your talents! How much do you charge for something like that? Or do you need help making some more? Let's chat! (:

    BTW, I just had a cookie Dave brought home from work, the royal icing left much to be desired, your icing is sooo much better!

  10. You better believe I just pinned this. Love it!

  11. That is seriously amazing! I thought it was a real remote! I am sharing a link on my blog tomorrow!

  12. I adore this remote cookie

  13. You are so creative! My husband would love these, and my daughter would love to make them. We'd never get them to look as good as yours though! Adorable!

  14. hey I hope you don't mind! I posted this on my blog. I just thought it was incredible!


  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Was wondering how big this measured? My remote is huge...this doesn't look gigantic, but not too small either.

    1. It's about 8 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. :)

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