Prom Corsage

My head hurts sometimes when I think that I have to deal with diapers and dating in my house.
But, the dating is harder to cope with than the messiest of diapers. Because, I have to accept that my baby is growing up.
Insert irrational mom tears.
So, in my attempt to bond and show her I care, I decided to make the corsage and boutonniere for prom.
Teenager says, "You know how to do that?"
I say, "That's what the internet is for!"


So if you are a florist feel free to laugh at my tutorial. But, if you are overly confident in your ability to make something up as you go along, like I am, then my "tutorial" goes like this.

Gather some supplies: ribbon, floral tape, wire, corsage pin, wrist corsage form, and fancy stuff (it doesn't get much fancier than feathers!)


I started with some ribbon wired to make a bow and wired it to the corsage form


Her dress was the classic prom color, electric blue. So, I was stuck with finding white flowers. And, I love roses on Valentines day, but wanted something a bit different for missy. I bought 2 stems of Lisianthus which are the big flowers, that still look a bit like roses. And the tiny ones are hyacynth which we blinged up by gluing in rhinestones.

I took wire bent almost in half and inserted it into the flower so the wire comes out on either side of the stem.



Then I wrapped the floral tape around the base of the flower, securing the wire in there, snipped more of the stem off and wrapped the wire around the corsage form.


We just kept adding fun things, wiring the big things in and gluing the little things in. The wise people on the internet said to use a special floral glue, which I couldn't find and didn't have time to order. So I committed a bit of a cardinal sin and used a glue gun on the non-flower things.

I forgot to take a picture of the boutonniere, but I did the same thing with one flower wired, wrapped in floral tape and added a feather, two leaves, a bit of ribbon and some pearl fanciness.


When they were done, I put them in the fridge overnight and crossed my fingers they would be alive in the morning and not fall apart on the prom dance floor. She never would have forgiven me for that one!


  1. Oh how beautiful!!! You did a great job and your daughter is gorgeous!!!

  2. Gorgeous work...and cute couple!

  3. It turned out FAB!!!! I love the feathers. They are very Fancy!! She look so beautiful;) Good job Mom!

  4. Ok. You win for mom of the year for teenagers...the date owes you big time!

  5. I think they were the perfect touch, great job! And a beautiful daughter!

  6. She should NOT BE THAT OLD. Nearly stopped my heart. And the feather? Ack!! L.O.V.E

    (after all these years living with a fabulous mother and she has the nerve to question whether or not you know how to do something? Seriously.)

  7. Your tears are NOT irrational!! That would mean mine were too!! Your creations (daughter included) are lovely! :-)

  8. adorable. wait...did she go with Kyle?

  9. Awesome job on both!

    A florist secret for you, you don't have to wire the things that are going into the corsage, you can if you want a longer stem on something but many shops today just glue them together. As for having trouble finding the special florist glue, I *think* they sell it at floral supply, but I know for sure they will sell you a tube at Hart Floral and I bet other flower shops are the same way.

  10. oh my goodness!!! absolutely beautiful!!! great job!

  11. be young again! Looving your blog...not sure how I found you, I'm just hopping around this morning! So glad I did!

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    Tuesday Time Out Link Up Party

  12. I'm flooded with memories of making corsages and boutonnieres for dances with my mom. I loved it. My favorite memory is when my little sister made one for fun with us and later chased my date down crying because we had accidentally used hers instead. so embarrassing. I love all the fancy details.


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