Music Cookies

I have a passion and appreciation for good music.  

I wish I would have developed my musical abilities much further and worked harder, but I get by with enough to appreciate those who did!  In my life, music has been a source of fun, joy, therapy, inspiration, healing, testimony, laughter, soothing and always evokes memories of events and moments in my history.  One of my favorite things is finding a new song/artist that I love.  A new playlist can get me though a grueling task or even a tough time.  My ipod can sometimes be a comforting friend.  I believe in the power that music has to influence our moods and even behaviors.

As a mother, I have always wanted my kids to experience the joy of music too.  I put them in piano lessons to give them a foundation.  It will be up to them whether or not they want to make music a large or small part of their life, but I'm sure that a music education will help them appreciate good music.

But I'll be honest.  Teaching my kids music is not always rosy.  There have been bumps and challenges, but because of 2 wonderful teachers, we have had a great experience with piano lessons.  And I'm pleased to say we're at the point where I am thoroughly enjoying listening to my kids play.  

So what does this have to do with my project blog?  Well, aside from the fact that practicing with my kids is an ongoing project in my life, we had a recital last night.  And it is there that my passion for music and cookie decorating met for the first time.  Music, meet sugar cookes!
music cookies 1

The best part of making these was that I quizzed the kids on their music symbols as if the cookies were flash cards.  Yes, I was sneaking in some music theory when they didn't even know it!  Score one for the  mama!  
music cookies 2

Speaking of music theory, thanks for allowing me to share my music theory with you.  I know I'm getting a little deep over a few recital refreshments, but I'm feeling sentimental about my budding musicians. :)
music cookies 3

I think this unknown quote sums up my feelings well:
"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul."


  1. Wow, your lines are perfect! I've decorated some cookies and cakes in my time, so I can appreciate what goes int it. Yours are just stunning!!

  2. Excellent execution! I love how you incorporated all those different parts of music. I'm sure the recital was fun, too.

  3. I am always loving your projects, but as a piano teacher, this one takes the cake! (Or in this case cookies. :) I am definitely also looking forward to making some crocheted easter baskets.

  4. I love these!! Some day, when I am a stay at home mom teaching piano lessons in Modesto (with Lindsey as guest STAR at my recitals), I am going to learn how to make these and have the cutest recital refreshments ever. :)

  5. These are great. I love music as well, music helps me get in a better mood and reminds me of good times. Like they say though, I can't carry a tune in a bucket but I love to "sing" anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Did you freehand these -- they are amazing. I have had my kids in lessons for years and I hope that it will stay with them for life. These are so perfect for a recital. Joni

  7. These are my favorite cookies yet! My stomach was grumbling just wishing for one.

  8. The BEST COOKIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making our recital even more special!

  9. Oh my these are just adorable!!! I used to teach music till I became a mom and also play piano so I can truly appreciate such beauty! WOW...I need to make them. :)

  10. Oh man, I love these! As a music teacher, I think it is genius that you used them for some theory lessons!


  11. Where can we get these from? Are you selling them?

  12. I agree that music education will definitely help them appreciate music. I can attest to this because I was once a music hater but when I started studying music, I loved it since then. Your cookies look yummy, anyway! :) royal essay writer Maude

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