Like Mother, Like Daughter

All moms have a part time job to annoy their children.
Yes, you have to eat that.
Yes, you have to clean that.
Yes, you have to wear that.

Well, my first memory is my mom teaching me to skip (Awwww!) followed closely by the memory of my mom forcing me to wear this dress for a picture. There was definitely a tantrum that ensued because it was itchy and had weird sleeves.


What's this mom to do but to now torture my own girls with the itchy dress!




We all survived the two hours of itchy dress torture from our moms. And sometimes our mom's really do know best, because I love all my pictures of my girls. All taken a the same age (5) and with all the same poses, it's fun to see the resemblances and differences. When it comes to mother-daughter traditions we all know, "No Pain, No Gain"


  1. You are seriously so cute!! Love how you keep the traditions going, itchy and the bows!

  2. I love it! I have a picture of my daughter wearing a little blue dress that I had my picture taken in. Won't you love it when you have pictures with your grand daughters?!

  3. So cute! That is such a neat idea. :) I'll have to think of something like that when I have kids. :)

  4. I LOVE this!! You are so cute! I showed Jared the picture of you without telling him and he new exactly who it was! :) You haven't changed a bit!! 5 looks so different on every girl... I think Camille looks the teeniest... I think Natalie looks most like you... Great idea!! I think my mom has a dress of mine that I'll have to get and do this with my girls... so fun!

  5. This is one of the cutest posts of all the posts on ALL the blogs EVER!!!


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