Easter Cookies- 3 for the Price of One!

My cookie cutter collection is lacking in the Easter department.
But where there's a cookie will, there's a way!

Because when somewhat simple (yes, THE SOMEWHAT SIMPLE) asks you to share some Easter cookies... you say, YES!  And then you go scream in your pillow!  {like a 12 year old school girl}
I'm so excited that Stephanie has asked me to be a (once a month) contributer!  Yee-haw!!

So I started by making some glittery pastel eggs to share with you!
eggs 3

And then I made 2 other kinds of Easter-y cookies with the same cookie cutter!
I'm a "provident living" kind of gal... today at least!

Go check out my guest post on Somewhat Simple and see what I came up with!


  1. I tried making your darling cookies after your cookie workshop with Crazy Domestic and I am completely hooked. And the kiddos love it too!! My hubby thinks I have gone crazy because I am always making cookies. I LOVE it!! I didn't believe you when you said it was addicting!! I love your new Easter ones. I told my kids no more cookies until Easter and then when I showed them these cute ones, they got super excited. Especially my dd who is only 3. So funny!! Keep showing us the cute ideas....I am addicted for sure!!!

  2. I just found your blog and became a follower. You have a beautiful family! Love your blog! Erin


  3. I was at the store today and found an egg shaped cutter and purchased it along with four little squeeze bottles. My collection is growing!

  4. your cookies are SO amazing!!
    thanks for visiting my blog & taking the time to leave a comment ~ i really appreciate it!

  5. Found you through Somewhat Simple. These cookies are AMAZING! Almost to beautiful to eat... but I'd probably still eat them because your recipe looks delicious! Come by and visit me some time at I ♥ Nap Time.

  6. I tried to go to Somewhat Simple to read your post but when I click on the link it says the page isn't found :(


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