You've Got... Mail Cookies!

I think about cookies a lot.
mailbox cookies

And I happened to be thinking about cookies as I passed the dollar aisle at Target the other day.
I saw these adorable little mailboxes that, I have purchased in previous years.  My kids used them to put "warm fuzzy" notes in.

This is when my kind of "a-ha" moment happened!   (Someone call Oprah before she goes off the air).
I could make sugar cookies that look like mail!  Oh yesssss!

Making a simple rectangle cookie is the simple part.
I used a ruler and a knife as I rolled them out, so they were roughly the same.
Then I frosted with some royal icing.  (recipe here)
I frosted all the way to the edge.  I'm trying to make a cookie look like an small task.blank

As I experimented, I knew making the back of an envelope would be just as cute as the front.
So why not do both?

Why not do both on the same cookie?

Friends, I frosted the front and back!  Have I gone to far in the name of cookie mail?
I don't know, but I know I liked it.
It's like a reverse oreo.  More frosting, more sugar, more cuteness.

In the name of frosting experimentation and my extreme indecisiveness, I made several versions.
The first envelope is outlined and then glittered with disco dust.
envelope 2

Envelope #2 is my realistic version.
envelope with hearts

Just one more layer of frosting for the "flap."  No licking to seal, although it would taste great.
side of envelope

I also experimented with the stamps.
I tried piping them right onto the cookie, and not filling it in (left).
Then I tried making them on a piece of parchment, letting them dry, then attaching them with frosting (right).

Now that I'm all practiced up, I may make my kids' teachers a mailbox full of "mail cookies."

This isn't a bad idea for someone you visit, as well.

And I for sure won't forget to make some for my valentine.
Included will be a "mushy gushy valentine" note, (as Junie B. would put it).
cupid ln

Okay, this one might be taking mushy, gushy too far.
I ate this before my valentine could officially turn me in, to the cheezy police.

So let's just bring it down a notch.
happy valentine's day

A simple message in a simple $1.00 mail box will do the trick, eh?
happy valentine's in box

Checking the mailbox just got way more fun!
If only there could be cookies (instead of bills) in my real mailbox...
I can dream.

p.s.  Soon, I will be sharing some recipes and more detailed cookie tips that work for me.  Stay tuned if you want more!

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  1. totally adorable!! I will be sharing these with my daughter, who is in school to become a pastry chef! Sue

  2. I would love to find these valentines in my sweet! Was it hard to bite through the (I assume) Royal Icing when it is on both sides?

  3. You pipping skills always blow me away. I love these.

  4. that is soooo cute! what a great idea! what a fun gift to give!

  5. Oh my goodness! These are so amazing! What a creative and fantastic idea!! So sweet!

  6. WOW! These are gorgeous. Don't know that my piping skills (or lack thereof) would yield anywhere near these results, though!

  7. I think these are my favorite of all the cookies I've seen of yours! So cute. And more frosting = more happiness.

  8. Those look so delicious!!

    Frosting on both sides, who would've known? Great idea Ashleigh!! I love it!

    I really like the ones that look like an address on them. Too cute!

  9. How beautiful are those?!?! Just so sweet and gorgeous!

  10. I am sitting here reading this post and realize my jaw had dropped. I am sad that I have no idea how to make cookies like this and happy that I stumbled into this blog! I am adding you to my daily readers!

  11. Oh my goodness this is the BEST idea!! Cutest cookies ever! I actually picked up some of those mailboxes the other I know what I'll be doing for my daughter's teachers! Thanks so much for the brilliant idea. :)

  12. are amazing. Those have to be the cutest cookies I have ever seen!! Wow...I want some.

  13. Love love love love love love love!!!!!!

  14. this is adorable! frosting on both sides is brilliant!

  15. Oh MY these are SO cute!!! I just found your blog today and you girls have got some amazing skills. Thanks for sharing this sweet idea!

  16. Those are so adorable! I love cookies, but I love frosting even more, so these look wonderful! Also, you have beautiful handwriting--even on a cookie! These (almost) look too good to eat.

  17. truly lovely!

    Really loving your blog... I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my giveaway:


  18. well darn! I wish you were still my visiting teacher :)

  19. These are so cute! You are such an artistic baker. I love seeing all of your cute cookies. I have these same mailboxes that I was going to just fill with candies for teachers, but I love this idea. Although I don't think mine would turn out as cute. You'll have to give me some tips. :)

  20. I love this!! When I make cookies, they look like they were made by a three year old....

  21. These are so cute and look soooo cute in your mailboxes. What a fun idea. Joni

  22. SO cute! I must try these (and your icing recipe.. it looks so yummy!) Thanks for sharing...

  23. What a great idea! They are so cute! Wish to receive one like that!!

  24. These are great! Mine won't look nearly as good as yours but I'm going to give it a try.

  25. Holy.cow. I freakin' LOVE how cute these are.

    A. Mazing.

  26. Those are so stinkin' cute. What a great idea!

  27. I live with a mailman! This is PERFECT!!!!! OMG! I love it!!

  28. You've outdone yourself. Love it.

  29. Please give us a tutorial on how you made that itty bitty lettering look so good! These are adorable!

  30. Of all the cookies I've seen, this is a first! So adorable and unique and SIMPLE! I love your idea, and I think your blog is adorable! Thank you for the inspiration.

  31. Super impressed with these - to bad I have the penmanship of an 8 year old.

  32. I love this idea, thank you soooo much for sharing it!

  33. Oh my gosh...these are to DIE for! So cute, I can't even stand it. You are amazing and I hate that I am not your clone.

  34. OMG that is too cute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!

    Great post!!

    Book Soulmates

  35. I had to have those mailboxes as soon as I saw them. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea! I blogged about it here along with other DIY Valentines ideas:

    -Lana @


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