Garden Shower

Once upon a time, two fabulous friends were expecting baby girls.
Everyone wanted to celebrate with them, including Kathryn and I!
We got together with friends, made invitations, planned and made decorations.
The preparations were a blast in and of themselves.

The invitations were Kathryn's assignment.  She found cute floral paper made a pocket for the simple yellow invite.  The colors in the paper are what we based our color scheme on.  She used her cricut to make these cute branches and blooms.  We had some good laughs as we assembled them together with friends.

The group effort continued with decorations.  Kathryn and another friend slaved away over tissue paper flowers and pompoms.  And when I say slaved,  I mean it in the most fun, "crafting slaving" way.
pom poms

Hmmm...  Where have you seen these shelves before?  Oh, here!
I pulled my normal decor off and my friends came to decorate while I tinkered around, doing a little cleaning.  They actually went and cut these darling branches and added small tissue paper blooms, to match the invitation.  They think of everything, I tell you!

shelf 3

Kathryn whipped this baby out the day of, in between carpools, set up and tissue flowers.
shelf 2

Oh, and she whipped out this and put it in the large frame above my buffet.
I think she has a secret personal assistant I don't know about.  She does projects so fast and so cute!

Another friend came up with these adorable favors which also doubled as decor!  Genius!
shelf 4

Who knew a simple brown box could become so stylish?

But don't worry, the theme doesn't stop there.  Look at the colored chocolates inside!  Fabulous, Lauri!
favor 2

Who doesn't love some bread and salad?  I planned the menu and the many friends who wanted to help brought ingredients.  When you're hosting, it's hard to remember to get good pictures.  Good thing my friend grabbed some shots of the table!

(Pretend my ugly calendar isn't ruining this picture and pretend my table cloth is ironed...thanks!)

My cake stands are going strong.  Here they were, painted pink.  They are now all red.
table 3

I had these menu's out for directions on how to make two different kinds of YUMMY salads.
They were just suggestions and people could treat it like a salad bar if they wanted, but I couldn't resist trying to be bossy with their food!  ;)

I made these menus by painting a simple, unfinished frame from Michael's.  I took the glass and paper out.  Then I sprayed several coats of chalkboard paint on the back piece of wood (that is meant to hold the picture in place).
menu 2

The chicken and tri-tip are on the wrong sides in this picture, but you get the idea, that they could start on either side and and grab a roll too.
table 2

Now comes the fabulous cake skills of my friend Kristy.  She's been taking classes and made this beauty for dessert.  She matched the invitation/theme perfectly with those branches and blooms!

I wish I didn't wait to take pictures until dark.  But the point is to enjoy the party, right?  Well I did!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting together with friends who were excited to get creative and throw a party.  The cute pregnant girls appreciated every detail and most of all, the great company!

The best part of this story is that they lived happily ever after.
Two healthy baby girls have blessed two great families!


  1. So your friends are crafty too, huh? Good work team.

  2. Wow this is lovely, your friends are some lucky mommas! The large framed piece is my favorite of the many special touches.

  3. I hereby request a post about making tissue paper pom poms. I wanna hang some in Lucy's room!

  4. Thanks guys! It was a fun collaboration, especially from Leah who scoured for cool branches in the rain :) Glad you like the pom poms, Sophie, and they are about the easiest and cheapest way I know to decorate! And, they will work in an apartment when you can't paint! They would be super cute in her room. If you can't wait for me to get my act together to post directions, there are a bazillion people who have already done online tutorials. Better yet, come visit, we'll do it together :)

  5. Yes indeed this was a FABULOUS party. I was giddy for weeks! Such amazing, talented, and beautiful women! Thanks again, it was the best shower I have ever been given, better yet the best I have been too! (:

  6. You girls! Looks like a perfect Shower - so many cute little details that all go together so well.

  7. I'm not planning a shower, but I am re-doing our main bathroom. I've been toying with a garden theme and this post is totally inspiring. I really love the colors. We go paint shopping this weekend! Thanks!!

  8. I haven't visited your blog in a while and I remember now its because IM NOT WORTHYYYYYYY!!! I loveeeeeeee it!! I wanna copy all of it, but mine would all be super girls are AH MAZE INGGGGGG!! Kiss Kiss

  9. this is such a cute shower! i love the salad bar idea!


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